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Best Men's Watches Under $100-Fashionable, Wallet-Friendly Timepieces

Jun 17,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

Nearly all our dream timepieces are too expensive to afford. Indeed, many watch wearers could not even come anywhere near buying these products at such high prices.


What if we have a hundred dollars to shop for the coolest watch we could find? What would we buy?


Even if the answer is to go for cheaper counterfeit products, they lack quality.


So how to get the perfect trade-in between cost and quality?


Here we have hand-selected the best Men’s watches under $100.


Surprisingly, Pagani Design watches can be obtained at exceedingly accessible price points. Not only does its quality will amaze you, but it will offer you the same functionality and aesthetics that you can find in top-tier luxury brands.


How to Get the Most of Your $100- 5 Factors to Look For Watches.

Shopping within a $100 budget is more difficult than buying a more expensive timepiece. To get your hands on luxury Swiss watches, you just need some money, and you will find your wrist partner there.


But when it comes to a restricted budget, the choices are limited.


Below, we’ll briefly outline five of the most important areas you should focus on when shopping for a Men's watch under $100.


1. Decide On the Watch Type

With numerous Men's wristband options available, from sports watches to formal timepieces, you need to look out for the specific watch type for which you will spend your $100.

Decide If you need a basic watch or want a sports watch for tracking measurements. Or either you want a formal watch to wear at business meetings, or a GMT watch for traveling across countries. Once you understand your need, you can make wise decisions ahead.

2. Look at the Watch Case

It is an important element that adds to the watch's credibility. When you look for watch cases, you need to check elements such as the case’s dimensions, material construction, and water-resistant property.

3. Consider the Watch Movement

Keep that in mind that watches cost under $100 or less would not have high-end movements; in fact, the vast majority of timepieces sold at this price offer quartz movements — this is, being cost-effective, actually more accurate than their automatic and mechanical counterparts.

4. Pay Attention to Watch Details and Finish

When you have $100 in your hand, remember that no watchmaker would give you the same class and finish as Rolex or Citizen. Shelling out your $100 would mean the watches may vary in terms of both their finish and overall build quality. But do not choose unreliable or cheap products and trust authentic dealers and well-trusted brands like Pagani Design to have a quality purchase.

5. Check the Watch Band/ Strap

Every watch has a different band strap type- from Rubber, leather, metal, fabric, or ceramic. The material used in the strap has a greater contribution to the cost. The watch choice largely depends upon your style and preferences. It also depends on what your skin finds suitable.


Some look for class and prestige and are inclined towards metal straps, but then there are people who prefer to wear leather bracelets for a more sophisticated look.


Being on a $100 budget, you can opt for Pagani Design metal strap watches or choose leather bands for a more comfortable fit.


Best Men’s Wristwatches Under $100- Pagani Design Affordable Collection

Now that you have considered all the factors of a good quality watch, many options are available today at such a reasonable price.


1.   Pagani Design PD- 1727

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2.   Pagani Design PD- 1653

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3.   Pagani Design PD-1731

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4.   Pagani Design PD-1662

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5.   Pagani Design PD-1664

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(Price: $99)




(Price: $99)





(Price: $79)





(Price: $89)




(Price: $69)


1.Pagani Design PD-1662 (Price: $89)



An Affordable Knockoff of a Luxury Brand.



● A mechanical wristwatch with several watch complications.

● Offer a left-located screw-down crown for controlling the GMT functions.

● It is 100M waterproof for all your water and sailing adventures.

● Framed in sapphire crystal glass to protect external elements from getting in touch with watch components.

● A GMT hand and Bezel to track two different time zones simultaneously.

● A metal bracelet to give you a more refined, elegant look.


2. Pagani Design PD- 1653 (Price: $99)



Compliment your white tee with a Pagani design Sports watch…



● A mechanical wristwatch with more moving parts and complex mechanisms.

● A fashionable Rainbow-colored Bezel provides a striking look and an appealing watch face.

● A luxury sapphire glass protection to avoid corrosion, rust, and dust, ensuring long-lasting practicality.

● Comes with a screw-down crown that offers a water-tight seal, allowing the wearer to enjoy water splashes all day long.

● A metal bracelet to give you a feel of a high-end product.

● Measures 40MM in diameter and 20MM in Bandwidth.


3. Pagani Design PD-1731 (Price: $79)


Clean, Classic, casual Watch for your everyday wear…




● A quartz-powered watch with a stainless steel case construction and sapphire crystal glass, providing real-time casual everyday wear.

● It runs on the Japan Seiko movement, giving outstanding precision and accuracy.

● Offer a 100 bar built-in waterproof feature to ensure water damage.

● Comes in 3 color dials- Tiffany, Blue, and Green.

● A good-to-go accessory to complement business meetings and sports gatherings.

● Framed in a metal strap, ensuring durability, reliability, and sophistication on a less budget.


4. Pagani Design PD- 1727 (Price: $99)



Get your Business wristwear game on…




● Offer Stainless steel Bezel for a sophisticated look

● Equipped with a Quartz movement for long-lasting precision.

● Feature a chronograph function for tracking different measurements.

● Topped with Luxury Sapphire Glass to make it damage resistant.

● A safe option if you plan on soaking in the water upto 100bar with its water-resisting property.


5. Pagani Design PD-1664 (Price: $69)



A perfect fusion of class, style, and Comfort



● Provide a 250MM men's standard rubber strap for a more comfortable fit, and you won't be stuck with your wrist.

● Can withstand 10 bar/ 100 meters water splashes and showers.

● Weigh a decent 95g so you won't feel you are holding a brick.

● Run on Quartz VK63 Japan Seiko movement.


Begin Your Watch Search Here

Searching for the best Men Wristwatch under $100 can once feel challenging but embrace this as a new adventure. When you stroll Pagani Design watches, you will be open to multiple watch options - each categorized by function, type, movement, collection, and style.

This watch brand has listed multiple watch options that are in the affordable range. Once you scroll through the Pagani Design website, then there will be no looking back.