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Buy Your First Luxury Chronograph: Pagani Design Speedmaster PD-1701

Aug 03,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

Have you ever dreamed of wrapping up an expensive, luxury watch on your wrist with a neatly ironed suit or a timepiece that speaks up for its uniqueness and dominant style?

If you are among those willing to make this worthwhile investment but need help deciding what options to explore, you can check Pagani Design watches.

Pagani watches are meant to offer you an exceptional experience of style, design, functionality, aesthetics, and ultimate performance, all within an affordable price range.

While scrolling the Pagani Design Official website, your search will stop at their eye-catching timepiece, Pagani Design PD-1701- the one with all the quality features of a luxury band.

Let's dive into knowing the PD-1701 Speedmaster and learn about what this Pagani Design watch is meant to offer us.

A Walkthrough Of Pagani Design PD-1701 Speedmaster: Exterior Components.

After years of successful performance, long-lasting durability, and accurate timekeeping features, Pagani Design watches earned its reputation for being a high-end luxury watchmaker.


This is safe to say that this model PD-1701 by Pagani Design has all the required characteristics that you expect when spending on hundred-dollar watches.

1. The Watch Case and Material

Over the years, an enormous number of watchmakers you see have used different materials (platinum, stainless steel, or gold) to craft their timepieces, and each of them has its defined purposes- some are built to last long, some are meant to offer comfort, and some are cost-effective.

You won't feel the watch material visibly, but by holding it in your hand, you can notice the quality and distinctive weights these materials give them.

While they all are for good reasons, Pagani Design Speedmaster is framed in a 316L stainless steel casing, providing an ultimate good quality feel. They're good to go with all skin types, leaving no sweat patches or moisture stains. The steel body protects the watch from rust, corrosion, and other damaging elements.


2. The Watch Glass

The purpose of the watch glass is to house the intricate workings of the watch and protect them from outside contaminants like water, dust, and dirt.

While looking at multiple watches at a glance, you won't see any significant difference in watch glasses; in fact, you will see them all the same. However, watch glass qualifies as the main component in measuring the authenticity and reliability of timepieces.

All Pagani Design watches, including the PD-1701 Speedmaster, use synthetic sapphire mirror glass, making the timepieces incredibly hard, transparent, and durable from scratches, cracks, and breakages and providing optimum protection to the inner workings.

3. The Watch Strap & Bracelet

Another valuable component of the luxury timepieces is their watch strap which heavily stood out for its aesthetics and overall watch feel. You may have come across different watch straps made up of leather, metal, rubber, nylon, or metals.

Strapping up good quality bands around your wrist indeed makes a noticeable difference to your entire look.

As with other quality features mentioned earlier, Pagani Design Speedmaster is equipped with an oyster metal strap that gives you a secure grip and perfectly sits on the wrist. They have adjustable links so that you can adjust your size accordingly.

The best part about this model is the strap is not fragile, is resistant to damage, or is safely protected in case they fall out from the wrist accidentally.

4. A Trustable Brand Name

Just as material, technology, and metals are significant contributors to watch construction, the watchmakers bringing the product to people are equally meaningful.

As with the PD-1701 Speedmaster, the Pagani Design manufacturers take pride in its quality craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and years of unparalleled efforts that give their watches a great sense of practicality, affordability, and value.

5. A Chronograph Sub-Dials

When you look at Pagani Design Speedmaster 1701, you can see that there are an additional three sub-dials on its watch face and two extended buttons around the case. This probably makes you think of a unique watch, but it is actually called a chronograph.

Mind you; this is the most helpful watch complication many watch enthusiasts, medical experts, adventurers, or athletes look for.

This chronograph watch is used to do multiple calculations other than just telling you the time. It measures elapsed time, distance measurements, and speed recordings. Moreover, with its tachymeter scale, you can do several other tracking with this wrist device.

6. Ceramic Bezel

With a broad spectrum of materials you see and experience daily, you often get to overlook the significance of ceramic bezels. Bezels signify the most exposed area to witness in a watch; therefore, their quality really matters.

Today, many luxury watchmakers are transitioning from stainless steel to ceramic bezel because it gives you benefits on a lot of grounds.

The model Pagani Design 1701 Speedmaster is also encircled in a ceramic bezel that makes your timepiece lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, and fade-proof. It is safe enough to endure all physical impacts and keep its luster for long.

Diving Into Pagani Design 1701 Speedmaster: Interior Components

By visually inspecting Pagani Design Speedmaster, we are sure this model is surrounded by the most demanding attributes we wish for in luxury Swiss Watches.

Keeping this in view, let's magnify how its internal system makes this model precious.

1. The Watch Movement

When you hear the word 'watch movement,' it refers to the watch mechanism that moves or powers the watch. This is an essential feature that defines the watch's quality. To bring it to your knowledge, there are three types of watch movement, quartz, mechanical, and automatic. All involve distinctive timekeeping systems.

This Pagani Design 1701 Speedmaster features a quartz Japan Seiko VK63 movement meaning the watch runs on electricity or a battery. From the functionality perspective, this means more complex inner workings involving quartz crystals.

The quartz crystals inside the Pagani Speedmaster oscillate 36,768 times per second, giving you the accurate timekeeping you can expect from a luxury product.

Quartz watches are generally cheaper, so this model will only cost you $119 if you get it from Pagani Design Official Store.

2. The Water Resistance Property

When a watch says 'it's water-proof many people would take this feature very casually, unaware of the fact that how this can be an essential characteristic to consider.

Especially for people who often need to get in touch with water or are soon planning for a water adventure, this is a top-search attribute to look for in a watch.

Fortunately, all Pagani Design watches, including the Pagani Design Speedmaster, have an in-built water-repellent property that protects your timepieces from water encounters up to 100 meters and helps you accurately track the time deep down under the water.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Besides all the elaborated features we mentioned, luxury watches, without saying, have their own appeal and aesthetics that trigger the masses. The watch's design and unique craftsmanship speak about its quality and authenticity.

Considering the PD-1701, this model talks about its own. When you look at it, it symbolizes class, status, prestige, and wealth. It is different from a regular watch and provides varied color schemes and multiple design options.

3. A Great Value Preposition

Back in the day, timepieces were solely time-tracking devices, but today, it is surprising to know how these fashion accessories can transform your look, build confidence and create a sense of control within the wearer.

Pagani Design Speedmaster is, by all means, an elegant gadget that you can afford. Owning this Pagani Design chronograph elevates the look and makes your wardrobe more exciting.

This can turn out to be a great gift to present to your loved ones and friends.