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Finding the Best GMT Watch for You: One Statement, Dual Time Zones

Jun 13,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

Finding the Best GMT Watch for You: One Statement, Dual Time Zones


While traveling across different parts of the world- whether it is about going on vacation or attending a business conference- we often get confused between the Am and Pm times. To simplify tracking the right time zone in a particular location, GMT watches come to the rescue.


GMT watches from Pagani Design are the most reliable and useful timepieces designed for people passionate about traveling. It is the most practical watch that covers at least two time zones simultaneously.


Eager to know How Pagani Design GMT works and What are the best ones in the market? Go through this article to unfold all the information needed.


What Are GMT Watches, And How Do They Work?

The word GMT is an acronym for “Greenwich Mean Time”. GMT watches are one of a kind with dual time zone options. It let the wearer track the current local time on the dial as well as calculate a different time zone in another region.


The concept of a GMT watch is clear- To display two-time readings on a single watch dial. An inner 12-hour dial you see displays the local time, and the outer 24-hour dial displays the time of the second region. It has the capacity to display a third-time zone if a 24-hour rotating bezel is inscribed.


Traditionally, a regular watch you wear has a standard hour and minute hand, but in GMT watches, you will find a third hand known as the GMT hand that completes its round across the dial in 24 hours, leaving no confusion about the Am and Pm. This GMT hand work in conjunction with the rotating bezel shows you the time in different zones.



How does the GMT Function in Watches?

In addition to the standard 12-hour dial, a Pagani Design GMT watch is different by offering you a bezel displaying a 24-hour dial with a GMT hand. This enables the watch to show you a second (sometimes even third) time zone in different parts of the world.


To know how GMT function, understanding these two-basic concepts is crucial.


  • The GMT Hand on the dial- Depending on which type of GMT watch you own; there is always an additional hour hand that you can easily find in a prominent bright color. This hour hand, referred to as the GMT hand, takes a whole 24-hour time to complete the dial trip, unlike a regular watch.


  • The GMT Bezel- Aside from the GMT hand, nearly all GMT watches have a 24-hour rotating bezel inscribed around the dial that will show you the second or even three time zones. This bezel often comes with a two-toned color dial to indicate the Day and night time (Blue is for the night and Red is for Day)


What Are GMT Watches Used For?

Among the diverse timepieces the brand offers, GMT is the most reliable one to be used by travelers to take note of the reference time in different territories. Ideally, the concept of a GMT was intended to provide facilities to pilots and aviation authorities. Later, it evolved as an adventurous consumer watch with additional complications and applications.


Currently, People prefer wearing GMT watches to judge the time of another region while syncing it up with their local time. Because it features a dual time zone facility, it enables the person to resolve a two-timing dilemma.


Is GMT Watches Worth It?

GMT watches are worth it, not because it involves complexity but because it provides you with real times readings in two separate locations.


GMT watches from Pagani Design are your perfect travel companion if you are used to moving often. But Would it add value to the travelers alone? Not really; even if you are not traveling, GMT will enable you to track your relatives' time or business time running abroad.


How To Read A GMT Watch?

You may find GMT watches a bit complicated after knowing the fact that they have multiple time reading functions, but as you get the hang of it, you will find no comparison to it.

Here is the simplified way to read a GMT watch.


  1. The first step to reading the GMT watch is to determine the number of hours your desired region is ahead or behind your local time.
  2. Adjust the bezel by rotating it to a number ahead or behind your local time
  3. Note that the GMT hand in the dial will act as an hour hand and because it has a 24-hour dial, there is no am/pm.


Let's do it with an Example.

Suppose you live in Los Angelos, and the local time in your region is 6:15 pm. Now with the help of GMT, you want to know the time in New York. As you know, Newyork is three hours ahead, so you will rotate the bezel and align the point three hours forward. The GMT hand will indicate the exact time in New York.




What are the Benefits of GMT Watches?

You will be grateful to have GMT watches as your best travel partner if you have constant airport journeys. It proves to be a valuable tool for approximating the time between two distinct territories. Here are some additional benefits of a GMT watch.


  • Unlike other watch features, GMT watches provide added value by offering you to adapt to different time zones. This is especially useful if you are a frequent traveler.


  • It is an affordable watch compared to the popular Chronograph.


  • It can also be used as a compass and Chronograph.


  • They are ideal for adventures and business professionals conducting business overseas.


Comparing the Office GMT and Traveller GMT

In the GMT watch realm, you may have heard the terms ‘True, Caller, or Travel GMT’ - These are some of the GMT watch functions that make sense to someone in pursuing the watches. Understand each of these terminologies to make a better watch decision next time.


From a buyer perspective, Office GMT is a good option in case you do not travel a lot but need to track the time of other regions because you may have a relative there or probably your business is based there. Whereas, True GMT is practical for those traveling a ton.


The Office / Caller GMT

The office GMT, also named caller GMT is intended for business applications. This is the most convenient watch for those who stay in one place. A watch with an office GMT feature allows the user to track the time of the region his office/ business is based.


The caller GMT watch has a 24-hour dial, and the GMT hand works independently without being affected by other hands. On a 24-hour scale, you can pull out the crown, bring it to the first position and rotate it to set the GMT hand in a one-hour increment.   


Supposedly, If your main office resides in Australia and you are working from the US, you can calculate the time zone in Australia using your GMT watch. In this way, you can submit your deadlines and show up for the meetings at their desired time.                

The Traveller / True GMT

As the name explains, this watch is traveler-friendly. This watch comes with a feature to allow travelers to quickly adjust the local time. They are ideal for people who need to travel to different time zones and may require frequent time adjustments.


In a True GMT watch, the central hour hand can be adjusted backward and forward by pulling the crown with just one click. It is relatively more expensive than Office GMT because of the in-house complex movement.


Top-Selling GMT Watches

1.Pagani Design PD-1662- GMT mechanical Wristwatch For Men

Price: $89.99-$169.99

This Eye-catching GMT watch from Pagani Design completes the look with its two-toned color bezel. Its stainless steel body and solid material make this model appealing to buyers. It is powered by Seiko NH34 Movement and offers 100m water-resistant property.


2.Pagani Design PD-1758 - GMT NH34 Mechanical Wristwatch

Price: $169.99

The PD-1758 is another elegant timepiece crafted by Pagani Design to add a perfect style statement. It has a textured dial with a red-colored rotating bezel. The chain is made using top-quality material to give you a luxurious finished look. It is generated by the NH34 movement.



3.Pagani Design PD-1693- GMT Automatic Water Resistant Wristwatch

Price: $139.99

PD- 1693 is a watch that incorporates all the features of a luxury watch. The watch is specifically designed with high-grade material to provide long-lasting durability and reliability to wearers. This model is run by the NH-35 Seiko movement and covers almost every watch enthusiast- be it an adventurer, traveler, Diver, or swimmer.