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Investing In Watches: The Dos And Don’ts Of Buying A High-End Luxury Watch

Jul 21,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

Investing in high-end luxury timepieces is a significant purchase, not only in terms of price but also in terms of emotional value.

The intention of getting into high-end luxury watch-buying includes achieving something you wish to pass down to future generations or owning it as an investment.

Whatever the intention, one thing remains unchanged for many watch buyers: their personal preferences.

The feeling of getting your wrist strapped with a luxury watch is indeed exciting and overwhelming. Still, a wide spectrum of brands, styles, and technology available today can make it challenging to determine which is the right watch for you and your lifestyle.

To help you make that decision, we have curated this article that defines all the dos and don’ts of wearing a high-end luxury watch.

Factor To Consider While Looking for Watches

To successfully invest in top-quality timepieces like the Pagani Design Explorer and Pagani Design Speedmaster, you need to get acquainted with these prerequisites to make a smart and more informed purchase.

Prior Research Is Useful

Your first luxury watch purchase is usually more exciting and meaningful. But, more often, it can also be a daunting proposition for newbies.

All luxury watches are not perfect. You need to conduct research before your purchase so that the watch you intend to buy can satisfy all your needs, style, and demands.

Researching may include looking for prices, technical features, customer reviews, watch specifications, brands/ dealers, and guarantee claims.

Once you know each aspect, purchasing becomes clearer and more relevant.

Look out for the Rarity of the Watch

Will you be proud if you own a unique or limited-edition model rarely worn by others? We all want to be selective with our choices somehow or the other.

While looking for watches, be specific with choices because the more complications and features a watch contains, the more it is likely to appreciate in value.

So if the intention is to keep a watch as a possession, search for a watch that outperforms the rest. You can get your hands on Pagani Design Speedmaster and Pagani Design GMT model to give you that ‘highlighted’ look.

Watch for the Material Construction

Material analysis is another key indicator that defines a quality, luxurious watch. The first impression speaks about how authentic and legitimate a watch is.

While conducting a material inspection, there are a few terms you must be aware of. The dial glass should be sturdy and made up of sapphire crystals. For reference, you can check Pagani Design 1723. This material protects you from dirt, jumps, and jerks.

Ceramic bezels, stainless steel cases, and screw-down crowns are all terms as quality materials when looking for watches.

Checking the Watch's Authenticity.

Owning a luxury watch is not about paying a good price but significantly includes checking for its authenticity. A timepiece is worth an option when obtained by an authentic seller/brand whose serial number is verified by the expert appraiser.

While shopping online, you can read the website profile and check customers' reviews.

All Pagani Design watches offer you a free return, a 1-year warranty with free shipping so that no doubt would get in your mind about their watch's authenticity.

Styling Tips for Wearing A Luxury Watch

Everyone has unique tastes, needs, and means and a different understanding of the term ‘luxury,’ so no one can say what's the right watch for you. A little understanding, however, can help you make an informed choice for yourself.

Incorporating these few styling tips can change the whole game.

1. Wear Your Watch On The Less Dominant Hand

We all have heard for years that watches should be worn on left hands, but the one general rule says they should be buckled up on hands that are less dominant. Many people are left-handed, so no specific rule qualifies the right watch placement. The majority of people wear them where they feel more comfortable.

2. Wear A Watch That Represents You

Watches have been symbolized as a fashion statement for years, but today it represents a key indicator of your personality, style, wealth, and emotional sentiments.

A watch with the right strap, minimalist design, and appropriate size dial gives the right impression. It signifies you as dependent, more responsible, and someone that values time.

1. Do Color And Material Coordination

When pairing wristbands with your wardrobes, be mindful of the colors of your accessories and watch straps. Coordinating them with the same or close color contrast creates an elevated look.

Do similar coordination with the material, such as a leather belt, pairing up with a leather strap, and metal cufflinks with metal straps, look fabulous and elegant?

2. Wear The Watch Above The Wrist Bone

It is no specific rule to be followed, but wearing your watch above the wrist bone considers a good watch placement. This will also peek out on long sleeves and look visible.

Some Dos and Dont of Wearing A Watch

Now that we have read enough about watch fundamental factors let's view some of its doing or not doing measures.

Dos: While wearing, do select a watch that goes well with your outfit and occasion. It seems inappropriate when you compliment a casual watch with formal attire. Similarly, a sports watch looks good on athletes, and business people must invest in a chronograph that gives them an elevated look.

Don’t: Don't expose your watch in magnetic areas. Always make sure to keep your watch away from the magnetic effect or otherwise be an owner of an antimagnetic wristwatch such as Pagani Design 1662. 

Consciously protecting the movement from magnetic fields can save your watch from losing, stopping, or damaging your hairspring within the balance wheel.

Dos: Keep a regular watch cleaning as part of your schedule because the more you maintain, the more you can keep it forever. You can use a soft brush or damp towel to remove dirt and oil residues from watch cases and lugs. Also, do not overdo the process, as it may affect the resale value.

Don’t: If you own a self-winding mechanical watch, make a daily winding time to increase its lifespan. Do not allow your watch to stop before winding.

Dos: One important consideration to add to your buying habit should be to select an appropriate wrist size watch. Too small and too big of the watch dial can ruin the style and make you look less appealing. A wrist size between 38mm to 42mm is ideal for average wrist people.

Most Pagani Design watches offer an average wrist size watch that measures 40mm in diameter. When you wear it, it gives you a sleek, signature look and makes you feel confident, elevated, and uplifted.

Don’t: Never invest in a watch out of its visual aesthetics or by getting impressed by its shining adornments. Its functionality, performance, durability, and material construction make a timepiece worthy.

Dos: Always choose minimalist, sophisticated, and subtle watches that won't speak out loud or make you feel distracted. The rule of ‘less is more applies here because wearing a bold watch to your interview can reduce your winning chances.

A modest watch like the Pagani Design PD-1766 attracts more attention and speaks for your fashion.

Don’t: Never run after a hype watch just because it is trending or you have spotted it on a celebrity wrist. The best watch is the one whose watch dial fits your wrist size, whose strap won't bother your skin or a watch that lasts longer.


Timepieces are talking points, and once you invest in a quality watch such as Pagani Speedmaster and Explorer, you’ll find a combination of compliments from people and questions heading your way.

What model is it? Why did you go for it? Does it do this…or that?

However, Incorporating the measures mentioned above in your daily styling can change the whole wrist game.