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Timekeeping Excellence Unites: The Collaborative Brilliance of Pagani Design and Seiko

Aug 02,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

Anyone who has ever been into watches and timepieces has heard the name of Seiko at least once. The Japanese watch manufacturer is famous for creating and crafting amazing timepieces worn around the wrist of so many celebrities and famous figures. The watches that feature Japanese movements, such as the Seiko NH35, have earned a reputation for their precision, durability, and value for money. Japanese watch movements are known for their amazing and perfect craftsmanship, attention to detail, and rigorous quality control standards. Collaborating with this famous and well-known brand has been so beneficial to many new brands who are looking for a reputation, and Pagani is not an exception. Pagani Design has chosen Seiko for the precision and accuracy that its movements create for its famous designs. Before any further discussion, let’s take a look at Seiko and Pagani.

Pagani Design

Pagani Design stepped into the world of watch and watchmaking in 2010. The company includes experienced designers and craftsmen who are ready to serve the clients with the best quality and ideas they come up with. The brand is famous and well-known for having luxurious designs at an affordable price that allows watch enthusiasts to enjoy the experience of having a perfect timepiece which will long last and stay unchanged over the passage of time. Pagani Design has various styles, including dive watches, chronographs, dress watches, and sports watches, which will satisfy diverse tastes.


Seiko, on the other hand, is one of the industry's oldest brands that has attracted so many people during its existence. It is a well-known Japanese watch manufacturer with a long history and 42 years of experience. Seiko’s reputation refers to the different timepieces that have been crafted under the name of this brand and have qualified workmanship, and precision. The name also offers electronic devices, semiconductors, and jewelry which are unique and valuable just like the timepieces they offer.  The brand will create and tailor the watches based on the style and the taste of the clients, no matter what the style is and how difficult it might be to apply. Aside from the style and the design of Seiko watches, precise timekeeping is also one of the reasons that Seiko has gained so much reputation.

Pagani Design's collaboration with Seiko

Pagani Design has decided to collaborate with Seiko to improve current timepieces and create new ones.  The partnership between Pagani Design and Seiko refers to the combination of

Seiko's movements, such as the Seiko NH35, into Pagani Designs. Seiko NH35 is one of the famous movements of Seiko and due to its reliability and accuracy,  it is used to increase the value and timekeeping performance of Pagani Design timepieces. The designs that Pagani has created combined with the precision and accuracy that Seiko's movements have to offer, will lead to crafting watches that will beat any competitors on the same level.  The collaboration between Pagani Design and Seiko is a combination of style and precision. The style comes from the Pagani design and the precision comes from the Seiko movements. The movements incorporated in Pagani watches will ensure accuracy and precise timekeeping and will make the watches have more longevity and durability.

What is Seiko NH35 Movement?

The reason behind choosing the NH35 movement in Pagani designs is hidden in the definition and elaboration of this specific movement. It is an automatic mechanical movement manufactured by Seiko Instruments Inc. and the movement itself is the reason for Seiko’s popularity since it owes its accuracy and reliability to NH35, a worldly known movement in the watchmaking industry. It operates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour (VPH) and offers a power reserve of approximately 41 hours. This means that when the watch is completely broken, it can still move and continue working for an extra 41 hours before requiring additional winding or wearing.

Outstanding features of the Seiko NH35 Movement

There are so many features that made the NH35 one of the best movements in the world.

Hacking Mechanism

One notable feature of the Seiko NH35 movement is its "hacking" mechanism. With this feature, the time will always be set accurately, even when the crown is out to set the time. This makes the synchronisation way easier with a reference time source, such as an atomic clock or another accurate timepiece. With this feature, you will always benefit from accurate timekeeping.  

Robustness of NH35 movement

Another feature of this movement is its robustness. It means that if the watch is equipped with this feature, its time will always stay accurate for everyday use. You can easily wear the watch every day, to work school or any other place and make sure that the accuracy is not even scratched and stays stable.

Reliability and performance of NH35 movement

Using the Seiko NH35 movement in any kind of design will add an extra layer of reliability and performance to the total function of the watch. The combination of reliability of the movement and the beauty that the designer will result in creating masterpieces.

Pagani Design Watches with Seiko NH35 Movement

Pagani Design incorporates the Seiko NH35 movement into a wide range of watch models, including dive watches, chronographs, dress watches, and sports watches. These watches often exhibit bold and stylish designs that have been inspired by high-end luxury timepieces all around the world. Pagani Design's tank watch is one of the Pagani watches that use the NH35 movement.

The Allure of Pagani Tank Watches with NH35 Movement

The Tank watches are one of the known designs that everyone has seen. The rectangular cases and clean lines have been mesmerizing watch lovers for a long time. The generations have memories with this design and it will always stay classic and valuable, no matter how much time will pass. The design is inspired by the pioneering work of Louis Cartier in the early 20th century, and it remains valuable, luxurious and magnificent. Pagani has designed Tank watches that convey the uniqueness of the brand and it is now one of the best sellers.
The sophisticated look that Tank watch has, and its combination with NH35 will craft a powerful and classy watch that will last for a long time. In other words, the Seiko movement and its accuracy and precise timekeeping will make the watch reach the highest level of functionality while the price of it is affordable and reasonable.

Pagani Design with NH35 Movement Features

Pagani Design is one of the well-known brands and is trusted by many users and clients. The craftsmen are spending all their time and energy to craft timepieces that are accepted by the watch enthusiast community. Below is the list of features that makes the Pagani Design watches crafted with Seiko movements stand out.

Fusion of Design and Functionality

When the Pagani Design and Seiko are combined, the functionality and charm of the watches will raise. The designs, such as the Tank design one of the most meticulous designs and have attracted so many lovers are crafted with one of the best movements in the watch industry and that guarantees their durability and practicality of them.   

Affordable Luxury

Most watch enthusiasts are looking for a watch that is affordable and also has the features that a good watch needs to have. In other words, the price is somehow the decision maker for a lot ofpeople, and sometimes being affordable means not having the expected quality. But Pagani design has created timepieces that are elegant and durable and affordable at the same time, even though the valuable NH35 have been crafted in their timepieces. The looks are luxurious, the quality is high, and the price is reasonable.

Diverse Selection

Pagani Design offers a diverse selection of Tank watches with the NH35 movement and each one of them is different from the others in terms of colour, steel, strap, etc. This feature will allow you to choose the one watch that suits your style and taste while enjoying its high durability and longevity of it. This variety ensures that individuals can find a Tank watch that aligns with their style and preferences.


The collaboration between Pagani Design and Seiko, featuring the renowned NH35 movement, is the exact manifestation of the balance between design and functionality. Sometimes the luxurious designs fail to function accurately and properly and on the other hand, sometimes the functionality and longevity do not have a sense of luxury and beauty with it. For some watch enthusiasts, the only thing that matters is functionality and they do not care about the look of the watch, therefore, beauty and style are not their priority and they would go for timepieces that guarantee the practicality of the watch. Some other enthusiasts will go for beautiful watches, no matter how long they may last. But the collaboration between Pagani Design and the Seiko NH35 movement not only offers exceptional style but also ensures accurate timekeeping and long-lasting performance that satisfies both groups of watch enthusiasts.