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Top 4 Pagani Design GMT watches: A Guide to GMT Watches

May 31,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

For travellers on tight schedules and with a need to keep tabs on multiple activities in different timezones, GMT watches are a perfect buy.


Still, you don't have to be a traveller to want GMT watches. Watches with  GMT complications can serve anyone.


Thankfully, GMT watches aren't new to the contemporary watch market. Brands like Tudor, Rolex, and Omega produce watch models with the GMT complication. However, if you aren't a millionaire or billionaire, they are expensive— worth millions of dollars.


Then again, the aforesaid watch-making brands aren't the only watchmakers in the market. Brands like Pagani Design produce top-quality GMT watches at affordable prices.


This article outlines the top 4 Pagani Design GMT watches you should buy—they are all below $200.


Alright, let's start with some explanations


What's a GMT watch

A GMT watch is a timepiece equipped with the ability to display time in two or more timezones. GMT watches always feature an additional hour hand and a calibrated bezel.


Standard watches without the GMT complication) have three hands and their hour hand rotates around the watch dial twice per day (once every 12 hours).


In case you didn't know, a complication means any functionality added to a watch besides its ability to measure time.


That aside, unlike standard watches,  watches with the GMT complication have four hands. And their fourth hand, a 24-hour hand, rotates around the dial once per day.


Don't get the gist? Let me explain.


The extra hour hand on GMT watches points to a 24-hour scale usually calibrated on the watches' bezels. As a result, it spins around the dial once per day. that's to say instead of 10 PM you'll see 22:00 on the watch.


On the other hand, the standard hour hand in GMT watches follow the normal 12-hour hour markers imprinted on the dial. Thus, it measures and displays time on a 12-hour scale.


Taking this feature into account, you can configure the 24-hour hand to display time in another country, for example, England (GMT + 0). And set the 12-hour-hand to display time in your local timezone.

Parts of a GMT watch



The outer parts of GMT watches aren't too different from that of standard watches. The main differences GMT watches have extra hour hands and calibrated bezels. However, the GMT complication is sure to make the inner parts more complex.


Regardless, here are 9 outer parts of a GMT watch you should know:

Image credit: Katelyn Fogle

  • Dial
  • Hour Markers
  • Hands
  • Case
  • Crystal
  • Bezel
  • Crown
  • Lugs
  • Sub-dials and date indicators (optional)
  • Pushers (optional)



A watch dial is the only part of a watch that displays time on the watch. It comprises hour markers,  watch hands (hour, minute, and second hands), sub-dials and date indicators (optional), and the manufacturer's crest or logo.

The dial of a watch is more like an interface that interprets the inner workings of a watch to the watch's owner. A watch without its dial is like a smartphone without its screen.


Hour Markers

Hour markers are the numeric indicators on a watch dial. They are used to calibrate the watch. Their purpose isn't different from that of the numbers on a metre rule or a measuring tape.

Note: some watch producers use ordinary lines on specific spots of the watch dial to denote hour markers.



The hands of a watch rotate around the dial and point at hour markers to indicate time. They are analogous to road signals on a highway.



The internal parts of a watch contain several parts that the average watch user doesn't care to know about. Like the human skin and skeleton, a watch case has the following functions:

  • house and cover the internal parts of a watch
  • protect the internal parts of a watch
  • provide general aesthetics for the watch

Usually, watchmakers produce watch cases from plastic, metal (stainless steel), and ceramics. However, gold-plated and diamond watches aren't anomalies



Every house needs a roof, even more so for watches. If the case of a watch is its wall structure, the crystal is its roof.

Crystals are the transparent part of a watch case that allows you to monitor the passage of time. a watch's crystal protects the components of the watch dial from damage while simultaneously allowing you to check time.

Watch crystals can be made from plastic, glass, or any other transparent material. For example, Pagani Design watches uses synthetic sapphire crystals for its watches. This material makes them nearly impervious to scratch.



A watch bezel is a ring around the top of a watch that holds the watch crystal in place. It can be plain or have minor decorations in normal watches.

However, for watches that have complications, watch bezels can serve numerous functions. For example, they are calibrated to serve as a 24-hour scale in GMT watches.

Bezels are usually made from metal, plastic, or ceramic materials. However, don't be surprised to find watches made with silver, platinum, or gold bezels.



The wrist in wrist-watches is there because wrist-watches are designed to be strapped on a wrist. And that's possible because watch cases come with protruding parts called lugs. Lugs help attach the watch case to the watch strap.



The crown of a watch is the circular knob on the side of the watch case. You can use this knob to adjust or reset the time on the watch.

Depending on the type of watch, a watch crown can serve several functions. In manually-winded watches, crowns are used to rewind a watch's mainspring.

Similarly, in GMT watches, crowns are used to set the 24-hour  and 12-hour hands to different time zones


Sub-dials and date indicators

Subdials and date indicators aren't staples in everyday watches. However, you'll find them in most luxury watches.

Sub-dials can serve numerous functions in a watch. These functions include displaying the passage of time in seconds and adding the chronograph and/or moon phase complications. Date indicators, as their name denotes, are used to display dates on wristwatches.



Pushers are little push buttons on the side of watches that have complications. Like the watch crown, you can use them to adjust specific functions on the watch.

For example, you can use a watch pusher to adjust the date or chronograph complications of your wristwatch.


Top  4 Best Pagani Design GMT watches

Now that you can identify a GMT watch, its function, and its parts, the next step is to buy one that suits you.


However, I'll be honest here: you've got to break the bank if you want to buy watches from classic brands like Tudor, Rolex, and Omega.


Thankfully, Pagani Design offers homage versions of GMT watches from these brands at affordable prices. Check them out:

Pagani Design Explorer II (PD-1662)

Price Range: $90 - $160

Pagani Design GMT Master II is the brand's take on Rolex's 1955 GMT Master II for airline pilots. This watch has a 24-hour hand and a rotatable calibrated bezel, which allows it to display two time zones.


PD-1662 incorporates all the features of the original version plus other additions. Thus, this Pagani GMT design is your best bet if you need an affordable GMT mechanical watch.



Watch dial colour: Black

Water resistance: 100 Metres

Case Size: 40mm

Thickness: 14 mm

Lug width: 20mm

Movement: Automatic Mechanical (Chinese Pearl DG5833GMT)/Seiko NH34

Bezel Material: stainless steel

Complication: GMT

Extra features:  sapphire crystal, Luminous hands, water resistant, auto date


Pagani Design Explorer II (PD-1762 V3)

Price Range: $150 - $170

This watch is an improvement on Pagani's PD-1682. Like its predecessor, it is a take on Rolex's 1970s masterpiece, the Explorer II. Similarly, It has the features, specs and complications of PD-1682 and Explorer II  design but with significant improvements that reflect users' preferences in today's world.


Taking these qualities into account, this Pagani watch model is your best shot at an improved Explorer II watch at a bargain price



Watch dial colour: Multiple

Water resistance: 100 Metres

Case Size: 40mm

Thickness: 12.4mm

Lug width: 20mm

Movement: Seiko NH34

Bezel Material: stainless steel

Complication: GMT

Extra features:  sapphire crystal, Blue-shine luminous hands and hour mark.


Pagani Design(PD-1758)

Price Range: $150 - $170

The brand's tactical movement is very precise. It will tell you the exact time of every opportunity, purchase or other important situation. Synthetic sapphire crystal is used to improve the scratch resistance of the glass and has a GMT function.



Watch dial colour: Multiple

Water resistance: 100 Metres

Case Size: 40mm

Thickness: 13mm

Lug width: 20mm

Movement: Seiko NH34

Bezel Material: stainless steel

Complication: GMT

Extra features:  sapphire crystal, Blue-shine luminous hands and hour mark.


Pagani Design Explorer II(PD-1693)

Price Range: $120 - $140

The Pagani Design PD-1693 is a stunning tribute to the Rolex Explorer II, designed with exceptional attention to detail. This limited edition mechanical watch boasts a robust and durable design, constructed with high-strength stainless steel that ensures it can withstand the rigors of daily wear.



Watch dial colour: Multiple

Water resistance: 100 Metres

Case Size: 42mm

Thickness: 14mm

Lug width: 20mm

Movement: Pearl DG5833GMT

Bezel Material: stainless steel

Complication: GMT

Extra features:  sapphire crystal, Blue-shine luminous hands and hour mark.


Final Thought 

The GMT watch complication is one of the most popular watch complications in the market. Travellers, watch nerds, and even average watch users buy these watches for various reasons.

However, the main perk of watches with this complication is the ability to monitor the passage of time in two time zones.

Sure, in the contemporary world, you can replace the GMT complication with your smartphone. But your smartphone won't be with you at all times. Plus, the aesthetics of GMT watches are breathtaking.

Regardless, GMT watches from classic brands are expensive — can cost up to $20,000. Thankfully, new brands like Pagani Design offer GMT watches at affordable prices. 

This article outlines 5 Pagani Design GMT watches you can get for less than $200. Also, the article explains the concept of GMT watches and outlines the parts of a GMT watch.

You can find any of the aforementioned Pagani Design watches on the official Pagani Design store or popular e-commerce stores like aliexpress and Amazon.