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What Makes a Good Watch? 12 Best Features to Expect From Pagani Design Watches

Jun 15,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

Pagani Design manufactures strong and durable watches with real-world applications. Its iconic look and intricate mechanism make it the perfect companion for everyday watch wearers.


All Pagani Design watches seamlessly blend elegance, sophistication, and advanced mechanism. They are built to offer an unparalleled combination of functionality and aesthetics.


The Pagani design provides an array of upgraded features and advanced options that, In our opinion, all watch wearers will love to enjoy.


In this blog, we will run you through the features and characteristics of Pagani Design watches.


1. Affordable Price

You may have numerous options while searching for quality watches, but they would charge you quite a lot of money. One of the most prominent features of Pagani Design Watches is that they are so affordable yet offer you the most stylish and iconic timepieces you can wear forever.


Despite being cost-effective, you won't have to compromise on quality. They offer you the same features as that luxury watches. They are constructed using Swiss-quality materials so that you can fulfill all your luxury needs within your budget.


Each of their models would cost you around $50- $170. The price variation is based on the type of movement installed, complex processing parts, or high-quality material usage.


2. Technical Competency

All Pagani Design watches are manufactured with excellent technical features much more advanced than conventional timepieces. The stainless steel case is stronger, the watch backs are completely screwed, the dial glass is thicker, and the watch straps perfectly meet the case.


Other than that, Pagani Design watches are made with specifications that can adequately function well underwater, can withstand accidental bumps, and prevent rust, corrosion, and scratches. Also, you will find a good collection of chronograph features to measure your heart rate, pulse rate, and other tracking needs.


It provides a good range of Pagani Design GMT watches for travelers to get updated with multiple destinations' timings. All these benefits can outweigh those of regular watches.


3. GMT Feature- Displaying Two Time Zones

One of the compelling features of Pagani Design GMT watches its dual time zone function, which enables wearers to keep track of local and reference time easily.


The middle hour, minute, and seconds hands display the local time, while the reference time is indicated on a rotating 24-hour bezel. This makes it easy for travelers to monitor two time zones simultaneously.


Some Pagani Design popular GMT wristband options are PD-1706, PD-1662, and PD-1758.


4. A Water-Resistant Feature

Nearly all Pagani Design watches boast a water-resistant feature of up to 100 bar, ensuring the wearer remains unaffected by the water elements during water-based activities and sailing adventures.


With its watertight seal, you can have peace of mind that your Pagani Design watch would not leak under any circumstances, and no water would penetrate the watch case damaging the internal watch movement.  


5.Japan Seiko Movement

Pagani design waters are powered by the cutting-edge Japan Seiko NH34, NH35, and NH36 movements offering a long-hour power reserve and accurate precision. They have products for all three movements-quartz, mechanical and automatic. Depending upon your preferences and choice, You can choose the most practical one while keeping your budget in mind.


Also, consider the point that automatic watches such as PD-1702 and PD 1685 are expensive to produce because they involve complex moving parts. Quartz-powered timepieces like PD-1644 and PD-1734 are less expensive and powered through an electric circuit, making them efficient.


6. Sapphire Crystal Glass And Stainless Steel Case Construction

All Pagani Design watches are built with great finishing that exemplifies branded luxury watches. The material quality ensures the watch maintains its look through years to come.


The Pagani design dial glass is crafted from a synthetic sapphire crystal that displays clarity and outstanding rust, moisture, and sweat resistance, making it a premium watch.


Its stainless steel case construction ensures exceptional corrosion resistance, skin and damage protection, and a comfortable fit on the wrist. In addition, stainless steel can be polished and give the watch a more sophisticated and luxurious look.  PD- 1651 is the perfect epitome of a luxury stainless steel watch.



Also, its 316L stainless steel bracelet means it has a higher purity level, is processed with high precision, and maintains its integrity under extreme conditions. This ensures watch longevity and value for customers.


7. Ceramic Bezel

To keep up the luster and shine of the watch, Pagani design PD-1695 watch bezels are designed with ceramic material that goes quite well forever. They are fade-proof and resilient to scratches, and all numerical are coated with platinum to enhance their appearance and add to their sophistication.


8. Chronograph Sub-Dials Watch Face

Pagani Design chronograph watches can be your favorite picks if you rely on precise measurements. With its multi-scale features, you can do countless calculations and distance recordings with just a single device.


Moreover, you can count on major tracking with the added rotating bezel. Pagani Design chronographs are ideal for aviation, pilots, medical experts, and top-tier professionals.


Discover a Chronograph collection from Pagani Design Watch right now.


9. High Accuracy And Optimal Precision

One of the watch's most obvious yet compulsory elements is its accuracy. Pagani Design feels proud to offer watches that ensure high quality in terms of design, style, or material and are well constructed to give you the most accurate timings. With Pagani Design, you can measure accurate timings of two different locations in a single watch using GMT.


10. Exceptional Quality Watch Strap

Although a watch strap lets you know how a watch feels on the wrist, it also reflects how it affects the overall look. Just like a wrong accessory can make you look ugly.


You may have seen good-looking dials with poor-quality straps that break the overall watch image. This is true that each of the watch elements defines the watch's credibility.

Pagani Design watch straps are made either of metal or leather. Metal straps are more expensive, last forever with proper care, are good for sports activities, and enhance a more formal look for a dress suiting.

Also, if you are looking for better aesthetics, metal straps are a great choice.


On the other hand, Pagani Design Leather straps provide you with the most incredible ‘comfort .’It is skin-friendly and, over time, molds with the shape of your wrist. To have a secure fit, you just need to punch a hole, and there it fits perfectly.


11.  Screw-Down Crown

While reviewing a watch, many watch enthusiasts look for watch movement but often overlook the credibility of a screw-down crown. A crown keeps the watch in motion and connects the internal and external systems.


A watch crown is a significant aesthetic element of the watch anatomy on which the entire functionality relies. There are two types of crowns Push/pull or Screw-down- along with their advantages and drawbacks.

A remarkable feature of Pagani Design watches are they come with a screw-down crown that perfectly sits with the case and gives you the most secure fit. A screw-down crown can prevent accidental winding that can affect watch components. In addition, it will also allow the watch to keep away from all the dirt, dust, and water elements.


It means you do not have to do the inevitable ‘sigh’ when exposed to an adverse outdoor environment.


12. Synthetic Case Back

Despite Pagani Design's technical prowess, all of its watches are equipped with strong case backs that greatly protect the movement. The added case back ensures ultra protection from water and other damages and is screwed and threaded into the actual case.


Summing up

Now that you have known enough about the features of a good quality Pagani design watch. Next time, when you want to get a timepiece for yourself, you can make a wise, informed decision.


Considering these elements, you will not have difficulty selecting an authentic, quality watch without breaking the bank.