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Why Should You Own a Mechanical Watch?

Jul 12,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

Whether you are going to add to your watch collection or simply want a device to track the passage of time, buying a watch is a thoughtful process.

This even gets complicated in the time when there are various other gadgets available to display time and do several other things.

So, Why bother to spend your money on mechanical watches?

Let's find an answer with this example.

Imagine you have an immensely complicated machine containing small intricate working parts, functioning together in harmony, self-wind, or running on the natural movement of your hand to tell you the time.

Now this whole thing is functioning within a small device sitting comfortably on your wrist.

Would you like to invest in a timepiece crafted with this many intricacies?

If you still wonder whether mechanical timepieces are a good purchase, check out this guide to learn why you should own them.

What are Mechanical Watches?

Before we review all the important considerations, let's determine what these mechanical timepieces stand for.

Mechanical watches are the ones that source their power through a self-winding mechanism or by the natural motion of the wearer. Unlike Quartz, they do not run on a battery or quartz crystals.

It has two subdivisions. An automatic mechanical is where the rotor moves the watch's mainspring, powering through the wearer's wrist movement.

Another is a self-winding movement where the wearer puts in the effort.

They are pricier than their quartz counterpartAs and contain more complex and intricate inner parts that work harmoniously to keep time.

Why Buy Mechanical Watches?

In an era where technology has taken over every component, watches are not left alone.

Practically, to tell time, many other devices can serve this purpose today, so why just rely on watches?

This is true to some extent, but mechanical timepieces do more than keep you time-updated.

There are many good reasons why so many watch enthusiasts and Sports fanatics invest in mechanical luxury timepieces. Let’s find out.

Owning a mechanical timepiece is like investing in art, culture, and time.

Below are the listed reasons that make mechanical watches worth buying.

Mechanical Watches Are More Practically Significant

Mechanical timepieces do not function on a battery; instead, they have small inner pieces inside that take their power energy from the winding of the spring. Japan Seiko NH34 mechanical timepieces show accurate and reliable timekeeping while saving you a lot on cost.


Manual winding the mechanical watch a few times keeps the time accuracy up to 99.9 and lasts for two days. So it is worth an investment if you want a timepiece to keep for a lifetime.

Mechanical Watches Are A Testament To Human Creativity And Quality Craftsmanship

When you read about the inner workings of mechanical watches, you will appreciate the ingenuity and skill of their makers. The tick of its hands and intricate engineering system will surely impress you.


Wearing high-quality watches such as Pagani Design Mechanical at your social gatherings will elevate your style and reflect your interest in quality timepieces. It identifies you as a selective buyer who appreciates heritage, pays attention to detail, and spends wealth wisely.


Mechanical Watches Are Long-Lasting

Mechanical watches significantly last longer, almost from generation to generation. On the other hand, Quartz runs on a battery that frequently dies and requires a new one. Mechanical watches continue to function year after year and need periodic servicing.

Mechanical Watches Have Appealing Aesthetics.

Not only do mechanical watches function better, but they also look way too beautiful than cheap quartz watches. This is justified by the countless working hours bringing these timepieces into the market.


They are an icon of history and style that never gets old. Their unique style, eye-catching appearance, and often the see-through case back complement your style better than any other accessory.

Tiffany Blue mechanical wrist watch, for example, is known to be a high-quality timepiece with a sapphire crystal glass covering that ensures your watch is protected from any damage, fall out, or accidental bumps. It features NH35 Seiko movement that gives you accurate time and adds a sophisticated touch to your outfit. It is a perfect gift for Men passionate about watches.

As a beginner, If you are looking for a mechanical watch to start your watch collection, you can check out Pagani Design 1662 Luxury Mechanical watch at an affordable price. It features a solid stainless steel top and a Seiko NH34 movement. This watch will accompany you in water-based activities up to 100 meters. This piece is priced at a discounted $149.

Also, if you are a frequent traveler and tab on multiple locations daily, Pagani Design 1762 GMT works best for you. This automatic timepiece is framed in sapphire crystal AR-coated glass and powered by a Seiko NH34a movement. While traveling, you do not need to look after your timepiece from being dirt or water affected because it has this built-in feature that prevents all such outdoor elements from getting in touch with the watch.



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Mechanical Watches - Takeaway

Whatever timepiece you choose, every watch offers its own set of features, styles, designs, and prices. Even mechanical watches are run and powered through different mechanisms.

Mechanical watches are associated with human ingenuity, historical significance, and functional utility.

After reading all the good reasons for owning a mechanical watch, you must consider adding one to your watch collection.

To buy a quality mechanical timepiece, check out our vast collection of mechanical watches for as low as $69.

Visit Pagani Design Watches to discover a wide array of mechanical watches.