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Spotlight: Seiko NH35 Movement Watches

Jun 28,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

What makes a watch attractive? 


We all know it involves many aspects- features, aesthetics, design, and material. But we often ignore the watch's essential elements, and that is the Movement.


A watch movement means a mechanism that runs the watch. The watch movement dictates the force that derives accurate and precise timekeeping.


There are generally three types of Movement- Quartz, Automatic, and Mechanical.


Today, we will highlight Seiko Movement NH35, the most common Movement among microbrands.


What is Seiko NH35?

Swiss watches were once a luxury aspiration for many watch collectors until the Japanese Seiko entered the watch industry. They successfully introduced NH calibers, which became a key mechanical movement for many timepieces.


The NH35 movement (also called the NH35a caliber) is the most widely used Movement in the affordable watchmaking landscape.


Also, note that NH35 and NH35a are the same calibers often used interchangeably.


Because of its huge popularity and incredible performance, you will find Seiko NH35 in almost all timepieces, from dive to military tool watches.


It is produced by Seiko Instruments Inc. and is an unbranded form of the Seiko Movement 4R34. Because they are very affordable, they are readily available for purchase.


The NH35A is an inexpensive alternative to the Swiss 2824-2 and SW200 movements.

It provides decent specs and is the favorite among watch enthusiasts and modders.


Key Specifications of Seiko NH35


Power Reserve

Up to 41 + hours




Vibration Count (per hour)

21600 bph






-20 + 40 seconds a day



Hours, minutes, and Seconds


Movement Type

Automatic, Self-Wind



Seiko (Japanese)




Talking About the Seiko NH35 Accuracy.

According to the Time module (the manufacturer of Seiko NH35 movement), the NH35 accuracy is measured at -20 to +40 seconds a day under normal circumstances. Users experience the same rate of accuracy with 4R35.


Surprisingly, this result is quite similar to when the date complication is not set active.


It is worth noting that to monitor the watch's precise accuracy; you need to ensure that your watch is fully wounded and the measurement test is recorded within 10-60 minutes. If conducted with less power reserve, the results could be affected.


How to Wind up Seiko NH35?

Winding up the Movement is significant for measuring accuracy, so you must be aware of when a movement is fully wound up.


Seiko NH35 is completely wound up when you manually turn the crown 55 times. Seiko NH35 movement has this magic lever installed that immediately gets started by shaking side to side.


Seiko NH35 Crown Position Function

The NH35 Crown function is as follows.

  • When the NH35 crown is against the case, you can move it clockwise for manual winding and counterclockwise for no function.
  • When the NH35 crown is pulled out with one click, the Clockwise move does nothing, while the counterclockwise is for date setting.
  • When the NH35 crown is pulled out with two clicks, both clockwise and counterclockwise would, change the time settings.



Seiko NH35 VS. Seiko NH36

The Seiko NH35 is an automatic, self-wind, 24-jewel movement with vibrations recorded at 21,600 per hour and a power reserve of 41 hours. It is the frequently used Movement preferred by many watch connoisseurs today.


The NH36 is also an automatic self-wind movement with a power reserve of 45 hours. Additionally, it has a date and day complication, which means that the watch can display the date and day of the week.


They both are quite similar, except for the fact that NH36 has an extra feature of a day wheel over the date wheel.


The NH36 makes sense to people who constantly want to keep track of the date and day but can be unappealing to those annoyed by the bulky watch weight.


The significant point to note here is that both movements are manufactured by Seiko, known for its quality watches. They both work incredibly great and thanks to their cheaper rates, they are a go-to option for many beginner watch collectors. Both movements feature a stop-second function and a self-winding device.


Seiko NH35 VS. Miyota 8215




Seiko NH35


Miyota 8215























Accuracy (Per day)


-20 +40 seconds per day


-20 +40 seconds per day



21600 bph


21600 bph










Hours, Minutes, and seconds


Hours, Minutes, and seconds




Manual & Automatic Winding


Manual & Automatic Winding


Power Reserve


41 hours


40 hours


Pros (As per User feedback)


Reasonable accurate, reliable, and affordable

Offer additional features such as Hacking seconds and Bi-directional winding


Best Entry-level workhorse movement

Easy to replace



Cons (As per User feedback)


Slightly more expensive than Miyota


Noisy rotor


Country of origin








As per the table, we rarely see a difference between the Seiko NH35 and Miyota, But a deeper analysis would conclude the following variations.


  1. They are different in terms of thickness and diameter. Seiko NH35 is thinner but wider in diameter, whereas Miyota is thicker and smaller. This means Seiko NH35 can fit in a slimmer case, and the Miyota movement goes well with a smaller diameter watch.


  1. When Comparing the jewels, Seiko NH35 has 24 jewels than 21 in Miyota 8215. This means NH35 has more capacity to reduce friction among the moving parts within the watch. This ensures long-lasting working and precise structuring than Miyota 8215.


  1. As per the user feedback, many complaints about the rotor being too noisy have been registered. Compared to this, NH35 is stable and quiet.
  2. From the winding perspective, NH35 is highly stable, making hand winding hard. On the other hand, Miyota 8215 rotates freely and fast, so manual winding is so smooth.


Pagani Design Sample Models that Use Seiko NH35 Movement

With a thorough comparison of NH35 with other movements, let us check out some incredible Seiko NH35 Watches that Pagani Design has in store for us.


1. Pagani Design Tiffany Blue PD- 1716

If you are searching for high-quality automatic mechanical watches that offer an eye-catching design, exceptional functionality, and great value for money, then PD-1716 will end your search.



This timepiece will give you a modern and classic look with sapphire crystal glass, snowflake pointers, a well-equipped stainless steel bracelet, and luminous hour markers. If you love carrying different styles, you should immediately get your hands on Pagani Design Tiffany Blue, which offers different dial color options such as Blue, Black, Tiffani Blue, and White.


2. Pagani Design Top-Grade Mechanical Watch PD- 1639

At just $109, You can get a stylish-looking Men’s Automatic Watch with various features. Besides a 100m water-resistant property, you will also get a date window, stainless steel bracelet, scratch-free sapphire crystal glass, luminous hand stylings, and powerful NH35 movement. In our opinion, I think it’s a great deal and a watch that I would surely recommend.



3. Pagani Design Waterproof Mechanical Watch PD- 1667

This Pagani Design model utilizes a reliable NH35 movement with multiple strap options such as black mesh, black, orange, and white steel, and Black, white and orange rubber straps.



From the affordability perspective, it only costs you around $129. Within this price point, you can enjoy incredible watch features such as a sapphire crystal glass case and a stainless steel bracelet that securely fits your wrists through its adjustable links. The watch measures 42mm in diameter and 20mm in bandwidth. It's also 100 meters water-proof, so very safe for your water adventures.



When you look for movement reviews in the watch forums, you will find the Seiko NH35 movement as the most reliable automatic watch caliber that has proven successful in all aspects. If you own a watch installed with NH35 movement, you can feel confident that you have the most accurate time record.


Also, Seiko NH35 is worth an investment, does a great job in powering thousands of watches, and is the main workhorse movement for many brands.