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Are Retro Watches Worth An Investment?

Jul 12,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

Are you interested in buying a retro watch but unsure if this is worth an investment?

Or maybe, your mind is uncertain about whether retro watches are safer to use daily, whether they can offer you shock-resistant features, or whether they can withstand water exposure.

Or will investing in them take a good chunk in servicing expenses?

If all such thoughts have accumulated in your mind, then know that retro watches can prove to be the best purchase.

Many good brands have come up with quality vintage designs combined with outstanding features.

Pagani Design promises to provide you with quality features, precise timekeeping, elegant design, and a sophisticated look.

Read this blog to know how retro watches are worth an investment.

What Are Retro Watches?

The term Retro Watches means timepieces that characterize vintage vibes with a fresh look. It brings out a classic statement, striking aesthetics, and vintage-inspired features.

Undoubtedly, buying a watch today is not a big deal. You have several different watch options, from expensive hundred-dollar timepieces to spending a few dollars on homage watches.

Thanks to the increasing demand for vintage-inspired watches and a slowing trend toward Swiss Luxury watches.

Retro watches from Pagani Design offer you modern technology and contemporary features just as effective as today's timepieces at a fraction of the cost.

How Can Retro Watches Be A Good Investment?

The hunger for heritage has led to rising interest in retro watches, especially for those seeking original vintage timepieces.

From the following perspectives, someone looking for classic retro wear should know that spending on retro watches is a wise investment in the long run.

  1. They are relatively inexpensive than their Luxury Counterparts.
  2. They work out really well in a classic-themed style.
  3. They offer you a unique value by offering a traditional look with modern specifications.
  4. They are a healthy asset to hold, as they can offer you a good return on investment at some point in time.
  5. They can be a source of joy for those who look for timepieces that associate history, personality, or traditional value.

Pagani Design PD-1723 Retro Watch is Sturdy and Well-Crafted

Pagani Design 1723 model is a good mix of quality features, iconic craftsmanship, and vintage aesthetics. It is a good option for those who appreciate classic style.


It offers you tremendous outstanding features in a good affordable price range. Moreover, wearing them around your wrist will give you a reliable, high-quality, and luxurious feel.

Scroll down to learn what Pagani Design PD- 1723 model can offer you at an affordable price.

Brand Significance

The brand association is also essential when determining the timepiece value. Pagani Design retro collections are some of the iconic timepieces with a long history of quality craftsmanship and modern technology.

Simple Design

If you are looking for something that gives you a traditional, classic image, why not check PD-1723? This is the most running chronograph demanded by watch collectors over the years. Its simple and elegant design boasts noticeable features - most dominantly, its colored dials, luminous hands, and automatic mechanical movement.

Solid Case Material

A major part of the watch's durability is identified by knowing the construction of its case. PD-1723 uses a solid case material using 316L Stainless Steel. It ensures more resistance to superficial damages, scratches, and regular wear out.

A Sapphire Crystal Glass

Just like the case, the PD-1723 watch dial is framed in a reliable sapphire crystal that protects your timepieces from all kinds of scratches and abrasion and improves the wearability of the watch.

Since sapphire crystals are a hard-glass material, it does not age or get brittle under sunlight or chemical exposure.

The idea of wearing a quality timepiece will make you confident that your dial and watch movement will not be compromised in any way.

Shock Resistance

A good sign of your watch is if this can label as major shock resistant. This means in case your watch falls out or drops, the watch is able to cope with the shock and alleviate shocks from all directions.

PD-1723 is designed to provide users with shock safety by protecting the delicate pivots (that hold the balance wheel in place) from being affected. The model has protective cushioning around the key parts that protect the critical areas when a watch catches an immediate shock. This prevents the watch from malfunctioning or completely breakdown.

Good Quality Watch Strap

A strap or bracelet of your watch can also be prone to daily wear and tear. Obviously, you won't like to spend on material that degrades over time. Knowing about a good-quality strap is crucial when assessing a watch's worth.

PD-1723 uses a solid metal strap coupled with adjustable links so that you can fit it in your wrist according to your wrist size. The material ensures long-lasting durability and high resistance to scratches that ultimately create a timepiece you can style forever.

It comes with a folding clasp that stays on your wrist perfectly.

Mechanical Movement

We all know that a watch's movement is the key driver determining how reliable and effective a watch can perform.

Pagani Design 1723 model features a self-winding and mechanical hand wind movement which means it has a series of gears and springs to transfer energy to make it run. This enables the wearer to measure accurate time tracking, reduces the need for battery replacement, and experiences exceptional efficiency with its performance.

The mechanical hand wind movement allows the wearer to wind the watch manually in case of loss of power, making it an eco-friendly timepiece.

Water Repellent Feature

A good part of knowing about a watch is if this can save the watch from water penetration. This means you can enjoy unlimited water activities without the constant risk of water entering and damaging the interior components of your watch.

PD-1723 offers you protection from liquid intrusion and has the ability to resist the level of water penetration up to 20 bar, i.e., 200 meters. This adds to the watch's versatility and makes it a good choice for water lovers.

Long-Lasting Durability

An overall image of a watch is judged by how the watch reacts to disruptive and damaging forces such as abrasion, moisture, and magnetism. Can they survive with all these harmful forces, or are they susceptible to some of them?

Proudly, PD-1723 includes an ability to withstand all cosmetic damages or other potentially damaging forces, making it an ideal choice for those looking for long-lasting timepieces.

Chronograph Feature

What a good combination of having a traditional timepiece fitted with the added compilation of a chronograph.

By investing in PD-1723, you can enjoy both of these perks. This model from Pagani Design will not tell your accurate timing or elevate your wrist game but also works for you to calculate your pulse rate, heartbeat, or other recordings using the inscribed scales within the watch.

Through chronographs, you can also measure time in real or relative time through distinct accuracy levels.

Luminous Hands and Markers

No feeling is better than knowing that your timepiece can give you a full vision in the dark. Want to know how? This is with an ability of a luminous dial.

With PD-1723 luminous hand features, you can assess where exactly the needle is pointing. This can make you feel confident tracking the right time at night and make it easy for you to read time effortlessly in low-light conditions.


People associate connections through watches that can fulfill their practical need, add to a fashion statement, and draws emotional value to their wearer. These are some of the characteristics that define quality timepieces.

Pagani Design is a trusted brand with years of manufacturing world-class quality watches that provide its users with a device capable of telling the most accurate, reliable, and precise timekeeping. Not only will it elevate your style, but also offer functional benefits.