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In-Depth Watch Analysis: Pagani Design PD-1733

Aug 14,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

During the process of the luxury watch analysis, there’s come along investigating a list of the basics, sometimes not the primary but essential physical specifications of the watch.

On a ground level, It’s obvious to know the watch case dimensions, water resistance level, and the material construction of the watch. Sometimes, it may include getting a general idea of the type of movement powering the watch to how much a timepiece fits into your wrist.

Within the luxury watchmaking industry, automatic watches have been the breakthrough product surrounded by a series of features to attract watch enthusiasts.

To view them all, let's take the analysis of the popular automatic model Pagani Design pd-1733 from the giant watchmaker Pagani Design.

What Type of Watch is PD-1733?

PD-1733 is an automatic mechanical timepiece- a type of watch superior in design and performance, unlike everyday quartz watches that are simply worn for basic timekeeping.

PD-1733 has a number of gears, springs, and rotating metal weights that run synchronously and keep the watch in constant movement.

When buying an automatic luxury timepiece like that of PD-1733, you can witness a valuable work of art along with an entire feat of engineering working together in perfect synchrony to run the operation and mechanism of a watch.

What Makes PD-1733 Superior to Other Models? 5 Key Characteristics.

When you’re on the lookout for a luxury automatic timepiece, you need to carefully analyze the available options on the market and find the right fit for your budget and profession.

But grabbing the automatic PD-1733 would prove to be a versatile and forever-loving timepiece you won't regret investing in.

There are some remarkable characteristics that you would enjoy in your purchase, and we’ve outlined 5 of the most important below:



In the business profession, chances are that you’re going to get around various work settings keeping you busy all day.  For this type of scenario, a  waterproof watch is a primary feature to expect when choosing a luxury automatic watch.  

Especially for those working in professional spaces, minimum water resistance is always recommended, and this is usually considered to be around 10ATM.

Even if you don’t get in contact with the water, this feature can take away a lot of your stress. While you wrap around PD-1733, you’re at peace from protecting your valuable timepiece from water encounters.

You can take PD-1733 to a depth of 100 meters and enjoy your water journeys fearlessly.




With PD-1733, you still reflect a luxury lifestyle even if you don’t intend to make a profound impression on the public. The exterior of this watch is built with high-class materials with sleek, sophisticated, and minimal crafting that makes it aesthetically appealing.

PD-1733 is chosen for those who love watch intricacies with a quiet elegance, ideally symbolizing decency, grace, and refinement.

This watch is the most liked by watch enthusiasts for its unique charm and character.

To add to its aesthetic appeal, Pagani Design pd-1733 has luminous hands and markings, making it useful for people who need to track the time at night.

Also, the brand offers two color-dial variants, blue and black, so that you can pair it perfectly according to your preference.




It is clearly apparent that luxury watches, despite being visually attractive, should offer usability to a great extent. After all, watches are more than something that catches your eye at a glance but is something you live with that accompanies you through the day.

When using the PD-1733 wristwatch, it goes with you long-term, and you won’t require to struggle to read the time. This saves you from the sense of frustration and to watches that spend less time on your wrists.

PD-1733 offers Immediate, smooth legibility and affords an experience of comfort and satisfaction.



Reliability in your watch is something that every luxury watch buyer will demand and is one of the essential features for automatic watches to possess.


The PD-1733  is the most iconic and timeless watch model of all time that features this essential trait, and that’s reliable and autonomous performance.


While grabbing the Pd-1733, You can enjoy a good blend of traditional mechanical engineering and modern technology.


PD-1733 performs very accurately and is designed to be a reliable timepiece. They provide accurate time using a balance wheel and hairspring to regulate the watch's movement. The balance wheel oscillates back and forth at a specific rate, and the hairspring helps keep the balance wheel moving consistently.


So the next time when you style PD-1733 on any occasion, this versatile model from Pagani Design will help you make time-updated.






Sometimes or not, timepieces need to be worn all day for long hours or under the most challenging situations. Under such circumstances, your choice of watch needs to be made of durable, hard-wearing materials.

Automatic watches like the Pagani Design pd-1733 are typically made from some of the impressive highest-caliber materials, capable to withstand any hostile situation or terrible weather condition.

Sapphire crystal glass, stainless steel casing, and metal oyster bracelet are just some of the materials you’ll likely find in the PD-1733 model watch. When you’re looking to purchase one, you’ll be impressed to know that it is crafted from the highest quality components on the market.

Another Important Quality Checklist of PD-1733


PD-1733 is an exceptional invention of its manufacturer x that has stood out in many aspects. When purchasing an automatic PD-1733, there are some crucial metrics every watch buyer should know before making hasty investments.


Movement is like the engine of the watch on which the entire watch mechanism functions. In the case of PD-1733, the model features the Japan Seiko NH35 movement, which offers a unique timekeeping mechanism that is precise, accurate, and reliable.

Power Reserve

Power reserve,  a fundamental property of a movement, refers to the amount of time your mechanical watch continues to function after it is fully wound. PD-1733 fully manual-wind automatic watch has a 48 hours power reserve, giving you a fine and precise performance.


It has a power reserve indicator that gives the wearer a good indication of when it’s time to wear or wind up their watch, preventing the watch from resetting or stopping.

Beats Per Hour

Beats per hour or shortly bph indicates the ticks or beats a watch's balance wheel makes per hour. Getting your hands on high-end Pagani Design pd-1733 will make your watch vibrates at a relatively quick frequency of  21600 per hour, i.e., six beats per second or an accuracy of 1/6 of a second.

Bracelet and Closure

While the handy timepiece fitted around the wrists ensures we stay punctual and on top of everything, we cannot ignore the most integral building blocks of a watch and that is the watch bracelet.


Pagani Design wtches PD-1733 is equipped with a stainless steel oyster strap and a folding clasp that binds the watch perfectly on your wrists. The material type makes the wearer comfortable and at peace from the overwhelming thoughts of the watch being prone to damage, scratches and rust.