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The Timeless Allure of Pagani Design PD- 1733

Aug 09,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

While searching for the latest designs from luxury watch manufacturer Pagani Design's official website, the search will take you to a whole array of watch options, from traditional vintage to modern contemporary timepieces.

No matter what you choose, your buying decision will subtly add value to your style. Pagani Design watches promise quality not when you look at it at a glance but also ensure how it feels when put on the wrist.

Undeniably, when you style Pagani designs watches, you find them appealing, practical, and durable, and by means of it, you can create a powerful first impression.

With all these characteristics in mind, you can check the model Pagani Design PD-1733 which carries all the essential attributes that define a quality product.

Let’s explore what makes Pagani Design PD-1733 a good watch investment.

Pagani Design PD-1733:  Primary Features Checklist

It is worth noticing that when investing several hundred dollars in a watch, you are actually paying for a brand name and reputation. But, besides these, several signs of quality and workmanship matter when choosing a luxury statement.

Regardless of the price factor (which many people think of as a sole indicator of quality), Pagani design watches qualify for the below-mentioned attributes.

They are the essential elements that every luxury watch buyer would expect in exchange for monetary value.





1. Price



An affordable watch with all the luxury benefits.

2. The Watch Case

316L Stainless steel

It makes the watch durable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight


3. Kind Of Watch Glass

Scratch-proof Sapphire crystal glass


Transparent coverage that secures the watch face from all types of scratches, breakages, and physical impacts.


4. The Watch Movement

Japan Seiko NH35 Mechanical Movement



It involves complex working parts and lasts quite a long than their quartz counterparts.


5. Band/ Strap Material

A good quality metal strap


It sets perfectly on your wrist, stays locked in place, and makes the watch durable enough that you can pass it down to generations.


6. Watch Display


They are simpler to process and come in varied styles and designs to choose from.


7. Water Resistant Property

100 meters

It protects your watch from water splashes and showers and keeps ticking below 100 meters.


Pagani Design PD-1733: The Secondary Features

Now that you have come across the primary characteristics of a quality timepiece, you can enjoy some secondary and additional benefits by owning Pagani Design 1733.

1. Screw Down Crown

While wearing watches, have you ever looked down on your watches and noticed a small rotating knob in the middle of the watch face? Have you thought about what this watch piece is called? In the watch terminology, this refers to the watch crown.

A watch crown is there to wind the watch's mainspring that powers the internal mechanism. It controls the watch functions and helps you set the time by rotating it back and forth.

A screw-down crown means a watch can be screwed down to create a seal.

Pagani Design 1733 features a screw-down crown mechanism that locks the crown when it is not used in order to prevent any operational errors or accidental knocks. So, if you’re a water diver or planning a water trip, you can buckle up PD-1733 and enjoy water adventurer with peace of mind.

2. Glow In The Dark Watch Hands

Another aesthetically appealing feature of Pagani Design 1733 is its luminous hands that help you track the time even in dark surroundings or low-light conditions. So, How does this watch work?

This Model From Pagani Design has glowing pointers on the watch face that brightens when there is no or minimum light around. This glow-in-the-dark- watch hand makes time tracking painless and gives the wearer clear vision in the dark.

When you’re exposed to ultraviolet lights, the luminous substance in the watch stores the energy and makes you read the time in extreme darkness.

3. 10 bar/ 100 meters Water Resistant Property

Today, most contemporary timepieces feature a water-resistant property, making it a worthy option for most divers and swimmers. You‘ll be surprised to know that the greater the level of water resistance your watch features, the greater it is able to withstand liquid encounters.

While reviewing the Pagani Design PD-1733, fortunately, you can enjoy its 100 meters waterproof feature, meaning that the water would not penetrate the inner mechanism while you’re 100 meters down in the water.

If you’re eager to know about different water pressures for multiple activities, refer to this chart below.

Water Activity

Water Resistant (Meters)

Water Resistant ( Bar)

Rain or Accidental Splashes






Snorkeling & Water Sports



Scuba Diving



Deep Sea Diving



Water Resistant Ratings to Watches


4. The Watch Clasp

It may sound insignificant when taking a watch clasp into consideration, but from a practical perspective, this holds the utmost importance. The type of watch clasp largely impacts how a watch feels and looks. Knowing about watch clasps becomes useful when replacing your watch straps.

Deployment clasps (also known as deployant clasps) are used by legendary watchmakers Pagani Design in their model PD-1733. It unfolds into two, allowing your hand to get through it easily.  You can secure it into your wrist with a hook-type latch that clicks when locked.

Pagani Design PD-1733: What Psychological Benefits You Can Expect

Luxury timepieces are talking points that evoke a real appeal, and while you buckle them around your wrist, it makes you feel luxurious and distinct from the masses.

Pagani Design PD-1733 is an example of an elegant timepiece that brings many psychological benefits to its wearer.

1. You look Smarter and More Confident.

If you want to look appealing to your friends, colleagues, or peers without putting on extra effort, then Pagani Design watches are a way to do it. Believe it or not, people with high intellect are judged by the quality of the wristwatches they strap around.

So to boost your confidence and attractiveness, invest in Pagani Design PD-1733 and make yourself appealing to others.

2. It Elevates Your Outfit

If you ever feel that your outfit is bland, dull, or boring, you can spice it up with a Pagani design 1733 luxury watch. This model comes in various styles and colors; therefore, it can take any outfit you wear to the next level.

3. Improve Your Status Quo

A luxury watch, like the PD-1733, signals a wearer's status, prestige, taste, and preference for quality. When you wear Pagani Design watch to a professional setting, it helps you establish credibility, trust, and competence and maintain your status quo.