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What Makes PD-1738 a Truly Exceptional Timepiece?

Aug 08,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

For most people today, timepieces are their true expression of value, wealth, and timeless class. Especially luxury, classic, and exclusively designed watches create a significant impression and thus carry relatively higher prices.

When seeking to buy a watch with enduring value, the top-most consideration is to look for a watch's quality. This quality preposition applies to several aspects of a timepiece, including its design, brand and model, movement, condition, and originality.

After all, investing in a luxury accessory is not a decision taken in the spur of the moment.

PD-1738 from Pagani Design watches is a considerable choice among the exclusively available products. This model carries all the essential characteristics of a modern watch at an affordable price.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of its powerful traits.

What Should You Buy PD-1738: 10 Good Reasons To Explore

PD-1738 is novel creation of the brand Pagani Design that speaks for its ultimate construction, incredible features, and outstanding performance. It is a well-curated piece of art designed to compliment all kinds of your outfits and is no less than an overt expression of your persona.

PD-1738 has made a name for itself and has carved a niche of its own worldwide. It stood out for its durable quality, accurate time precision, and affordability.

PD-1738 runs on essential components- quartz crystal, a power source, and integrated circuits that feed electricity to the quartz crystal and measure the number of vibrations.

If you want to know what makes PD-1738 a good purchase, read these 10 good reasons.

1. PD-1738  is Highly Accurate

The dominant feature of this model is the accuracy that doesn’t lose a few seconds even if you keep them for many years. This may seem pretty surprising, but with PD-1738 on your wrist, you can have ultra-high accuracy, reliable timekeeping, and built-to-last Japan Seiko movement.

As long as your watch is ticking, it always shows the accurate time you’d like it to be (it will only gain or lose 2 minutes every year, after all).

With that said, It's to point out that the PD-1738 model overtook other mechanical timepieces as portable timekeepers because of the inherently better accuracy that can keep time to, at best, ±15 seconds a month.

So if you’re someone wanting perfect timekeeping for your work, then the PD-1738 watch is definitely the best option.

2. PD-1738 is an Affordable Luxury Timepiece

When constituting the notion of “affordability” and “luxury,” the two terms appear highly subjective. Does a luxury watch defines overly priced, high-quality material, or it’s just a matter of outstanding designs?

While searching for such an affordable luxury wristwatch, Pagani Design watches, especially the PD-1728, cannot be ignored. This model gives you the ultimate luxury experience at $120.

PD-1738 is a feature-packed, reasonably priced, and highly user-friendly wristwatch with superior hardware. At a glance, it appears complicated, with multiple layouts and a bigger size dial, but it reflects superiority when put on the wrist.

3. PD-1738 is very Practical To Use

Another reason you should grab Pagani watch 1738 timepiece is it carries a certain allure that transcends mere practicality, making it an easy-to-grab-and-go accessory. This model is basically a fundamental watch where you just need to pop in a battery, set the time, and you’re good to go.

The 3-hand analog Display of the PD-1738 watch is fairly easy to use, and without putting you in technical difficulties, it shows you accurate time no matter where you are.

This model is easily accessible, allowing you to check the time with a simple glance at your wrist. Whether in a business meeting, a social gathering, or an outdoor adventure, PD-1738 eliminates the need to reach for your phone, providing a discreet and efficient way to stay punctual.

4. PD-1738 is Built To Last Long

While you consider the Pagani Design pd 1738, you will be impressed by its durability, which precisely means it can be used daily and withstand physical impact or shocks due to sports activity, for instance.

In a direct comparison to some other mechanical watches, you’ll find it more durable due to fewer working parts inside its mechanism. Because of this, there’s less chance that something will screw up when the watch is impacted.

5. PD-1738 is a Fashionable Sports Wear

Besides being affordable and giving you all the significant characteristics of a quality watch, PD-1738 is a type of watch to be used by professional athletes and designers for their fashion watch lineup. While you look at it, you can’t ignore to appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship, and you begin embracing an adventurous, more sporty lifestyle.

Whether you’re a casual wearer looking for a bold and chic style accessory or an enthusiast looking to reach a new level of a fashionable statement, PD-1738 high-quality sports watch is the best to add to your sports routine.

6. PD-1738 is Equipped With Quality Material

Luxury sports watches like the PD-1738 might appear a little funky at a glance, but it is designed to be durable and hard-wearing. The inner workings of this model are typically housed in a strong stainless steel casing with sapphire crystal-protected glass on the face to withstand any knocks and prevent scratching.

The stainless steel construction is a good sign of resisting to sweat and moisture, preventing severe skin allergies or irritation. In fact, you’ll observe that the steel casing meets military-level durability standards.

7. PD-1738 Has An Aesthetically Appealing Design

Whether planning to use Pagani Design Sports Watch during your sports endeavors or pair it up for your workouts, PD-1738 will rock an excellent design suitable for everyday wear.

Having it constantly on your wrist will allow you to take full advantage of its comfortable watch strap, unique-shaped dial, and striking aesthetics. Everyone, including the wearer and the one surrounding, will appreciate its intricate detailing, lightweight case, sleek design, vibrant display, and excellent battery life.

As a piece of functional art, this watch adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

8. PD-1738 is 10 ATM Water Resistant

When you hear a watch labeled as 10 bar water resistance, you can associate it with a quality watch.  Undeniably, there is nothing more damaging to a watch than water. So waterproofing is inextricably linked to a good watch.  Like with materials and movements, water resistance also has varying degrees.

This genuinely iconic PD-1738 timepiece from Pagani Design is designed as an excellent water tool to stay with your water craziness.

With a water resistance of up to 100 meters and a classic, timeless design available in a case thickness of 16mm and a dial diameter of 11mm, it remains the archetype of the sports watch.

9. PD-1738 Comes With a Rubber Strap

Now that you’ve come along reading about different watch characteristics of the PD-1738, knowing about the rubber strap as a versatile quality of a luxury timepiece may leave you stunned.

Nowadays, the rubber watch strap is one of the most popular and widely used materials for high-performance applications.

Rubber watch straps outstand most other strap materials, with the most apparent reason being that they are water-resistant and can easily be washed. PD-1738 will always be the ideal option to push your watch to its limits.

More interestingly, this model features varied color strap options so that a matching color strap can spice up your wardrobe.

10.  PD-1738 Requires No Maintenance

When idealizing luxury watches, it is easy to get trapped in many complex and elaborated mechanical timepieces, making the humble quartz watches a bit inadequate.

While self-winding movements win for their complex working parts and craftsmanship, fear not, PD-1738 quartz counterattacks with low prices, increased accuracy, and almost zero maintenance.