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Pagani Design 1761 MechaQuartz Chronograph: A Fusion Of Luxury Style and Optimal Performance

Sep 06,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

Purchasing quartz watches is quite overwhelming because it marks the checks in all these boxes – technical features, reliability, compatibility, affordability, looks, and much more.

Given these benefits, PD-1761 is one remarkable creation By Pagani Design as they have gained more prominence because of the features they offer in a sleek, compact design.

PD-1761 ultimate timepiece is a good fusion of style, precision, and versatility to give you a luxury wrist accessory.

While considering this model, one question will undoubtedly pop into your mind – what quartz features will it offer you?

To give you complete knowledge about PD-1761, we have curated this article in this regard.

What You Get By Owning The Pagani Design PD-1761?

When it comes to the Model PD-1761, there’s no doubt that this timepiece from Pagani Design is the most reliable, accurate, and precise in telling the time working with a small crystal, a battery, and some tiny motors.

The PD-1761 quartz-operated time machine power on VK63 movement that keeps you time-updated, while its 40mm dial diameter, 11.3mm case thickness, and stainless steel bracelet makes a bold statement.

The synthetic sapphire-protected dial window and adjustable 20mm to 27mm band width ensure a comfortable fit for any wrist and outfit.

With a weight of 144.5g and a strap perimeter of 220mm,  this Pagani Design pd1761 model is both lightweight, sophisticated, and luxurious. With PD-1761 in your hand, you can exude a bold, charming, and refined personality and step up your wrist game.

Be proud that this quartz watch saves you from the occasional battery change and doesn't put you under stress to take your watches for frequent servicing than its mechanical counterpart.

Investing in PD-1761 will make you stress less about its accuracy than even the most expensive, expertly-tuned mechanical timepieces.

With PD-1761, you need to forget that this is more affordable than mechanical models. Once you dig under the umbrella a little and understand how the technology works, it becomes utterly fascinating — and you will soon come to realize that this cost-effective, quartz-regulated watch isn’t so bad after all.

Marking The Basic Essentials in Pagani Design 1761

Material and Measurement










Brief Description

1. Price


2. Oyster Stainless Steel Strap

 Strap perimeter: Men's standard 220mm

Oyster Steel Strap protects the watch from physical impacts, wear out, and damage and comfortably fits into any writs size through its adjustable links.

3. Muted Color Dial with Black & White color Scheme and three sub-dials

Dial diameter: 40mm

Minimalistic design dial to suit everyday wearability.

It registers and displays the time with the help of hours, minutes, and second hands.

4. Screw-Down Crown

This crown controls the watch hands, and the screw-down type creates a tighter seal to protect external elements from disturbing the internal workings.

5. Chronograph Complication

Two pushers

The Three secondary sub-dials within the main dial communicates the chronograph features to its wearer. These are in-built scales used to do multiple calculations.

6. Water Resistant Property

Waterproof= 10 ATM/ 100meters

The ability of the watch to resist water penetration up to 100 meters for smooth, hassle-free water encounters.

7. Sapphire Crystal Window

The transparent sapphire

glass layer on the dial protects the dial from scratches, breakages, and accidental bumps and gives you an aesthetically luxurious look.

8. Seiko VK63 Movement


A Chronograph movement that uses quartz technology for the watch's main functions and a mechanical module for operating the chronograph.

9. Screw-In Case Back

This type of case back provides higher security and protection from water penetrating within.

Primary Benefits of Owning the PD-1761 Quartz Chronograph

1. It Offers Elegant & Minimalistic Design

While Pagani Design watches adopt a more contemporary, modern, and luxurious approach to watchmaking, the brand has crafted the PD-1761 with a remarkably balanced design.

PD-1761 is a type of wristwatch for people looking for minimal designs and unique craftsmanship with a clean, straightforward design covered with muted color palettes incorporating a lot of black or white.

With a modest and dressy appearance, the Pagani Design PD-1761 exhibits a high level of gracefulness by adding thin dial elements and hands while the dial exudes a pleasing concentric texture that elevates the overall look.

It's moderately sized at just 40mm, but its sophisticated profile broadly appeals to most buyers interested in this watch style.

Interestingly, PD-1761 doesn’t look overly flashy but still has the capability of being a statement piece worthy of showing others how you value simplicity.

Overall, the PD-1761 chronograph beautifully creates a good blend of signature and modern art pieces and will age gracefully as a pillar of any collection.

2. It Offers Robust Metal Casing

As every watch fan would know, metal material is considered a great feature of luxury watches, and PD-1761 is no exception. Instead, all Pagani Design, including the mecha quartz PD-1761, feature a sturdy, hard-wearing, and stainless metal composition.

The model is produced with exquisite rigor and is perfectly composed in their waterproof case. From strap and case backs to dial casing, each is framed in a metal material to keep the watch going and keep reliable time forever.

3. It Performs Highly Accurate

Fortunately, all Pagani Design watches have gained worldwide recognition for their accurate performance and superior quality. The brand has spent decades idealizing, researching, and incorporating state-of-the-art technology to produce some of the finest watches on the market. Therefore, inferior material or low quality is not excepted in any of its models, whether mechanical, quartz, or automatic.

While it is true that aesthetic and visual appearance are cues to determine whether a watch is genuine or not, its accuracy and timekeeping performance is another most apparent indicator.

Notably, the PD-1761 quartz timepiece features a Japan Seiko VK63 movement, meaning that this watch is a battery-operated model running on quartz crystals.

The Seiko Operated mechanism performs an expected accuracy of less than +/- 20 seconds per month at average temps.

4. It is Tech-Savvy

PD-1761 Quartz chronograph is a staple choice for every tech-savvy buyer. It’s a perfect everyday wristwatch to pair up with jeans and a tee shirt and looks just as handsome with a casual blazer.

While its analog appearance looks simple and minimalistic, suitable for everyday time-telling; thus, the chronograph complication makes your daily business much more convenient.

The PD-1761 high-tech wristwatch brings analog timepieces into the 21st Century, incorporating modern and contemporary features into these traditionally simple devices.

From decent aesthetics timepieces to speed-recording watches and compact designs, the PD-1761 high-tech wristwatch is a great way to get more practical use out of your everyday watch.

As a bonus, the chronograph function in PD-1761 is handy if you’re in need of a timer. This particular chronograph from Pagani Design is an excellent choice for a budding watch collection for many reasons.

5. It Specialises in Longevity and Excellence

Each watch manufactured by Pagani Design reflects a continuous effort of creativity, innovation, and refinement in engineering, design, performance, and functionality.

Know that PD–1761 is the epitome of the finest art with excellent workmanship and attention to detail. It is a well-built accessory for those who want to celebrate the long history of making and wearing intricate, stunning timekeeping instruments.

PD-1761 is a powerhouse timepiece with intricate mechanisms and high-performing features, each with a long-standing devotion to excellence.

Not only does it well-performs in all aspects of the timepiece, but its durable material also makes it hard-wearing, solid and resilient from daily wear and tear, thus making it a quality choice for the everyday wearer.