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Time Travel with Our Top-Selling PD- 1762 GMT

Sep 05,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

With the exception of the chronograph complication, which is technically benefitting many watch nerds and enthusiasts, If there's another complication most liked by collectors and travellers alike, it would be the GMT.

GMT watches, especially the ones that have recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, the model Pagani Densign-1762 from Pagani Design watches is built for the life of travellers.

But have you thought of Why the PD-1762 GMT is so significantly functional?

With the additional fourth hand on the dial known as the GMT hand and a 24-hour aluminium bezel, a PD-1762 GMT allows you to measure the time in another or multiple time zones.

And in the 21st century, in which most people are jetting around the globe several times a month or keeping track of loved ones or colleagues in far-flung locales, nothing could be more practical.

Scroll down to figure out more about this model.

In Review: PD-1762 GMT

If we're about to say that PD-1762 is an all-rounder watch that fulfils all the watch needs, undeniably, it wouldn't be a lie at all.

What we mean by a good watch, like the PD-1762, is the combination of multiple features- water-resistance, high-performing movement, robustness, maybe a traveller's function and obviously, a stylish design that is colourful, appealing, fun and sporty.

PD-1762 is a casual-looking watch with a comfortable strap, a well-protected case, a practical GMT function, a steel bracelet, and, to top it all, a price that should be decent enough so you don't worry too much about breaking your bank.

PD-1762 Specs Sheet

When deciding to acquire PD-1762, keep in mind that it comes with a diameter of 42mm, an ear-to-ear distance of 48mm, a thickness of 13mm, and a bandwidth of 20mm, which means the PD-1762 fits rather nicely on 16cm (6.25") wrist.

Although it does command a confident wrist presence, but it does so in just the right way. The watch weighs 175g with a metal oyster bracelet and a pressed clasp. The bracelet is very comfortable and doesn't really tug on the hair –that's a big plus!

The immense quality sign of PD-1762 resides in the fact that the watch is equipped with high-end material. The aluminium bezel insert is friction-free, making the bezel more handy.

The crystal at the top of the dial is also made of Sapphire and comes with generous amounts of anti-reflective coating.

Furthermore, the watch case is framed in a 316L stainless steel casing, making it super durable, long-lasting, rigid and hard-wearing- aiding in the overall legibility of the watch.

After sneaking Inside the PD-1762 GMT—and this is the most primitive part of the watch—is the Seiko NH34 mechanical movement under the Seiko privilege. , this movement beats at 21,600 BPH (3Hz,). It has 24 jewels and 41 hours of power reserve. That's a lot of specifications for the modest price tag of $169.

What's More To Offer?...

1. Better Protection and Visibility

The black dial of the PD-1762 is very finely designed and surrounded by an aluminium bezel to bump up the legibility against the black dial backdrop.

This timepiece is visibly attractive by having good pattern indices. These pointed indices on the dial improve the watch's readability and visual clarity.

This ultimate case has the advantages of both a Screw-back case and a screw-down crown. Screw back case makes the watch protected from moisture and dust. Mineral crystal is used as a glass over the dial for better protection and visibility.

The bezel of this PD-1762 is unidirectional, which is very useful in measuring elapsed time.

The movement of this PD-1762 is Mechanical Automatic movement which means it runs by the wearer's motion and doesn't need to do manual winding. This model features an Analog Display watch with GMT/ Dual Time Function. The date can be noted from the date display near the 3 o'clock position.

2. The Ultimate Dual-Time Zone Functionality

By the time we live in today, where the world's edges are more accessible, travel-either for family holidays or work-related conferences has become more convenient and handy.

To make our journey more well-timed and favourable, It's not surprising that the most trusted, established and reliable brand, Pagani Design watch model 1762 GMT watch, has something for this moment.

From modern expensive-looking watches to luxury-inspired dual-time designs, Pagani Design GMT PD-1762 has it all, and it works independently without the need for manually switching the time.

For any seasoned traveller, the perfect PD-1762 GMT watch jumps effortlessly from one locale to another, picking up the rhythm of the new space and presenting nothing that might get in the way of enjoying the journey.

3. Luxury and Exclusivity

The Pagani Design watch PD-1762 wearable is so elegant and sophisticated; there are no rattles, but it is very stable – and you can feel the exclusive quality just by taking it in your hands. They are as well designed and innovatively crafted as you would expect, but simultaneously, there's an element of refinement.

The value of this PD-1762 luxury watch is expressed by the exclusivity, rarity, and prestige associated with owning one. That being said, it is made with superior materials designed to last a lifetime.

You can even pass down this timepiece through generations and make it a family heirloom, resulting in a valuable investment.

This model timepiece possesses a personality of its own that, as a customer, you can further modify to your taste.

If you're asked to grab the PD-1762 GTM, I confidently say, You won't say no. You'll be impressed by its grey-black GMT – it is vibrant, versatile and bold. All Pagani Design watches, you'll not find them delicate, but are striking looking, robust and make a statement.

4. The Colorful Accents of the Watch

Generally speaking, Timepieces are your talking points. More than a timekeeping tool, it serves as a great fashion accessory.

Wouldn't you like watches that are noticed by others? Admittedly, there are also many more elegant GMT watches out there, but the PD-1762 GMT gives you a sportier look.

This GMT watch displays colourful accents usually set by a unicolour grey bezel, contrast black dial and/or an accentuated orange colour GMT hand, making it the perfect fit for those who like distinctive-looking watches.

5. A mechanical device to Beat Smart Phones

If you own PD-1762 GMT, you probably don't know how significant, straightforward, and user-friendly complications you're holding in a watch.

In fact, there's no other technical device more convenient than your PD-1762 GMT in which you can manually set a second-time zone or rotate the bezel to determine the current local time at any given place in the world.

With Pagani Design-1762 GMT, having two separate time settings becomes incredibly worthy of allowing you to change the second time zone while the watch runs.

On top of that, if you take this model on airplanes, you don't have to turn it off or switch to flight mode. One could even say that a GMT watch is the perfect example of a mechanical gadget that would easily beat any well-designed smartphone app.