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Timeless and Reliable: The Vintage Appeal of PD- 1753

Aug 21,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

In today's watch world, Classic, traditional and retro watches have felt like a newfound breath lately, exuding unique charm and elegance. It’s fair to say that most of us would have a vintage watch or two in our watch collections.

The love for Vintage watches may be pursuing a piece of art or just about falling in love with the aesthetics in an antique store. No matter what, collecting vintage watches is fun in its own regard. Pagani Design watches has made quite a few memorable ones.

Among their incredibly sophisticated retro collection, PD-1753 is a top choice as people find them an excellent alternative to modern, high-tech gadgets.

Pagani Design manufactures a range of vintage timepieces in their line-up. Most of their watches are relatively popular, but few are unknown and rarely seen.

This Article brings you a comprehensive analysis of its specifications, covering its price range to those equipped with stunning mechanical complications, all together in one place as a reference point.

Viewing PD-1753 Mechanical Specifications: At A Glance

This section of the article is very informative. Before you get your hands on any watch, you must know its basic sizes. Thickness, case diameter, and ear-to-ear dimensions- these all give you some sense of whether a watch will fit your wrist and, more importantly, your tastes.

Let's have a bird-eye view of the PD-1753 specifications.

● Dimensions: 40mm diameter x 12mm Thickness x 45mm lug to lug

● Weight: 148g

● Case: 316L high precision stainless steel case, brushed and polished

● Water resistance rating: 10ATM / 100m

● Movement: Seiko NH35 Mechanical Automatic

● Warranty: 12 months

● Price: $109

● Crown: Screw down

● Watch Face: Synthetic Sapphire Crystal

● Strap: Metal Oyster Strap

● Crystal: Scratch-resistant Sapphire

Viewing PD-1753 Key Mechanical Specifications: In Depth

Before you shop or place an order for Pagani Design pd1753 from the Pagani Design Official Website, read this part of the blog to know what qualities or attributes this model offers you so that you can make an informed buying.



When you hunt for a vintage watch or even imagine it, you probably don’t associate it with modern components, long-lasting durability, and everyday reliability. You’ll be surprised to know that with Pagani Design's modern vintage watches, you’ve to put this mindset away.


Pagani watch offers an array of impressive watches, including the PD-1753 model,  all aiming to provide something genuinely new and exciting to the watch market — from sophisticated casual watches to sturdy chronographs.



Caliber/ Movement




The model PD-1753 powers on NH35 mechanical movement, which is well-known for being hard-wearing, reliable, and easy to work with because there’s no other choice that would be better.


Beyond that, the Seiko Japanese engine is highly accurate, precise, and reliable for everyday timekeeping.


The presence of automatic functionality doesn’t force the user to interact with the watch daily.



Quality Testament



The Pagani Design PD-1753 mechanical watch is the standout piece in the Pagani Design mechanical collection. When you consider the variety of designs in the catalog, that’s quite a quality testament.

Quality is not reflected in terms of just the watch composition but also from the functionality perspective. When wearing PD-1753, it will elevate your style and make you feel confident, bold, and charming.



Watch Dial



The PD-1753 watch dial adopts a classic style, with a stainless steel outer ring and more sophisticated markings on the inside.

Designed for legibility, the dial layout consists of a black, blue, and green face contrasted by white hands and markings and a 60-minute track around the perimeter.

The Watch Case

Moving on to the PD-1753 watch case and movement, Pagani Design watches follows the same quality approach to its construction, as evident from the moment you buckle it around your wrist.


As you would expect, the PD-1753 is framed in a sturdy, hard-wearing stainless steel casing, securing the watch from daily wear and tear.


The case, measuring 40mm in diameter, sits comfortably on the wrist and helps those looking for a large watch face without a bulky feeling. The PD-1753 is suitable for smaller, thin, or slender wrists, as it won't overpower your look.



Watch Strap/ Bracelet


The watch strap is another significant feature of the PD-1753 that often gets overlooked.


The strap is constructed with stainless steel, making this model exceptionally resistant – so it’s hardened or scratch resistant in some way, like the case.


The strap links are designed and constructed in a thoughtful way; instead of being standard and not very imaginative.


Even the tips of both sides are angled inwards with a polished top. The rest of the link is brushed, making it more resilient to scratches or physical impacts.

Case Back


The PD-1753 features a screw-in case back that exhibits a window showcasing the movement, with various specifics engraved around it.




Affordable with a Nice Finish


What stands out as a luxury and authentic timepiece is the quality finish. This feature is what makes a difference from the cheap, less-affordable ones.


PD-1753 forms together a compelling, elegant, and attractive timepiece. You don’t see any loose holes, unusual bumps, or some other form of poor craftsmanship.


You can experience its authenticity through the appearance of this model.

Watch Design


The PD-1753 delivers well-executed features and impressive looks for a genuinely affordable entry-level price.


It clearly offers a classic, refined, and elegant look while integrating top-quality functions and incredible legibility.


A Date Window


Another valuable feature of the PD-1753 mechanical movement is the date window located at 3 o clock.


Having this date functionality turns your timepiece into a mini-calendar and offers you an instant answer to people asking, “What date is it today?”


The date feature is practical for those who often need to know the date, and having this feature on your watch becomes extremely handy.

Viewing PD-1753: Overall Analysis

Concluding all in one,  Pagani Design has made all the efforts to create detailed, reliable, and cohesive watches. From the designs, material, and watch complications to the minute details in the movement, Pagani Design wanted to put forth the best experience possible for its customer at a relatively affordable price, and they successfully achieved it.

Concerning the watch's wearability, the PD-1753 is exceptionally comfortable, especially with the oyster strap. That being said, You can style this model in the most casual of settings as well as it would perfectly fit for formal occasions.

As soon as you buy it from the Pagani Design official store, you’ll be satisfied once it’s on your wrist. And considering the current price point of $109,  we assure you, you won’t be able to find this type of piece manufactured at this level of quality and with as much attention to detail as with any other brand at all.