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Pagani Design Chronograph Watches: Understanding Your Watch Sub-Dials.

Jun 12,2023 | PAGANI DESIGN Official Store

If you are a spoilt watch-collectors and looking for numerous styling and technically advanced timepieces then look no further and grab the Pagani Design Chronograph Watches.


But what are these Chronograph Watches?


Chronographs are well-crafted timepieces that offer different watch features and styles. These watches do not just tell the time but the additional qualities powered by the Chronograph naturally make it a guaranteed success. If you are considering buying a chronograph and want to read about chronograph watches, stick to this blog.


What is a Chronograph Watch?

If you search for the term ‘Chronograph’ you will find it is just another name for a stopwatch. A chronograph watch means an analog wristwatch that runs and measures three time periods- minutes, hours, and seconds.  


A chronograph has more watch complications than a standard watch and delivers multiple time functions.


Being a time-showing device, a chronograph can also calculate elapsed time, average distance, and speed. It is an all-rounder watch being more practical, functional, and visually appealing.

What is the Difference between a Regular Watch and a Chronograph Watch?

For beginners, the similar function of both the chronograph and regular watches is to tell the time. Chronograph is a bit ahead of a regular watch because it can also calculate relative time by itself.


A standard watch tracks the time, whereas a chronograph watch has two pushers around the dial and two sub-dials within the main dial, making it visually different. A chronograph calculates the specific time interval the user commands and simultaneously measures the flow of time.


If you find a watch having two small dials, symbolizes it as a chronograph. The critical difference that calls a watch a chronograph is its second hand that consistently works independent of the time-displaying function.


The chronograph internal mechanism has a different system that operates differently than a regular watch.


How Does a Chronograph Watch Work?

A chronograph watch operates with three buttons attached around the dial called the pusher.


You will find a start pusher that activates the chronograph function, a stop pusher used to stop the reading, and a reset pusher used when you want to reset the recordings.


The upper pusher is the start and stops button, and the lower button resets the chronograph function.


The three sub-dials within a chronograph offer additional functions- indicating minutes, hours, and seconds. 

How To Use A Chronograph Watch?

If you own a chronograph watch and are using it as a regular watch, you are missing many of its unique features.


By altering the sort of scales on a watch, you can use chronographs for many specialized purposes.


  • Tachymeter Scale-It is the most common scale engraved on the dial or bezel of the chronograph watch. It tracks the speed of an object traveling within a known distance.
  • Telemeter Scale- A less common scale used to determine the approximate distance between an observer and the event easily seen and heard.
  • The Pulsometer Scale- An unusual scale designed to count the number of heartbeats in a minute, popularly used by doctors and healthcare experts.
  • Asthmometric Scale- A scale that calculates a person's breath or respiratory rate in one minute. Medical professionals and practitioners use this scale for multiple measurements.


Who Uses Chronograph Watches?

Chronographs are used by doctors, pilots, astronauts, divers, soldiers, and racing drivers. These watches are also ideal for those who appreciate additional complications and designs in a watch.  


What Is The Purpose Of A Chronograph Watch?

The primary objective of a chronograph watch is to measure different time intervals meanwhile being able to track current time on a dial.


A Chronograph used solely as a wristwatch to measure elapsed time and speed has been obsolete. Today, it has surpassed many areas of battlefields, race tracks, and laboratories using optical and digital technologies.


Chronograph watches date back to the 17th century when it was carried out to calculate astronomical movements. After almost a decade, in the 18th century, it was used by horse race trackers to record the race time. Today, we have modernized chronographs to serve a variety of purposes.


The most common goal serve by a chronograph watch is to tell precision time as well as do multiple computations such as measuring speed, distance, and heartbeats.


Pilots and healthcare workers use Chronograph watches to measure distance calculations and patient pulse rate.


Aside from this, A chronograph watch works well in a situation where a person requires an accurate time description spent doing certain activities. It may include time spent in the parking, time consumed in cooking, and time incurred in an exercise.


Is Chronograph Watches Worth It?

The multi-functional features of chronograph watches have put them on the wrists of many legendary professionals. Recently, the emerging digital watches and built-in stopwatch features in smartphones have given Chronograph a tough time.


Despite this digitization, many people prefer to wear a chronograph because they appreciate its technical brilliance and enjoy tracking the time-lapse mechanically.


Still today, chronographs are loved by people who look for craftsmanship, added functionality, and historical significance.


They cost more because watchmakers have to check each system works independently without interfering with each other.


Our Top-Selling Chronograph Recommendations

1. PD- 1664 | Chronograph | Japanese VK63 Movement| Sapphire Crystal Glass | 250mm Strap.

The PD-1664 Chronograph from Pagani Design is eye-catching on the wrist due to its high-grade material usage and elegant sapphire crystal glass. It would be a great present if you are considering buying it for someone.


The 1664 watch dial is scratch-resistant and framed by a beautiful black tachymeter bezel. The dial case is surrounded by 316L stainless steel that measures 40mm in diameter and 12mm in thickness. It offers high-grade features, 10-bar water-resistant properties, innovative designs, and exceptional value at a reasonable price point.

2.PD-1676 | Multi-Functional Chronograph | 100M Water-Proof | Japan VK63 Movement.

This PD-1676 sophisticated Chronograph is perfect for watch enthusiasts looking for budget-friendly watches. Within a suitable price range, you can enjoy all features of a luxury watch.


The case measures 40mm in diameter and 20mm in bandwidth. This quartz watch is powered by Japan Seiko VK63 movement and features synthetic sapphire crystal glass to protect the dial from scratches and corrosion. Its stainless steel bracelet secures it on the wrist. The watch is available in white and black color options, which gives it a sleek and modern look.


3.PD-1707 | Quartz Chronograph | Seiko Vk63 | Sapphire Crystal Glass

The model PD-1707 delivers the same value as the classic Rolex Daytona. When you wear it, it adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. With its synthetic crystal sapphire glass and stainless steel case construction, this quartz-powered watch perfectly symbolizes luxury watches.


The watch runs with a Japan Seiko VK63 Quartz Movement and comes in various color schemes- blue, white, and black color. This chronograph watch is 40mm in diameter and has 20mm bandwidth. It is designed with great attention to detail and can easily be worn casually and formally.



4.PD-1711 | Chronographic Wristwatch | Ceramic Bezel | Sapphire Glass

The PD-1711 Chronograph by Pagani watches is a classic option to buy. It has a visually appealing multi-colored bezel that standouts from the rest of the models.


The Pd-1711 model is the perfect reflection of a quality product. It offers various style options that are built to last longer. The watch is framed with synthetic sapphire crystal glass that protects the dial from scratches. It has a 100 meters water-resistant property that makes it safer to use for all types of water-based activities. The watch movement is powered by the reliable Japan Seiko VK63 movement, ensuring precise timekeeping.


5.PD-1730 | Ladies Chronograph | Quartz Movement | Multi-Functional Luxury Watch

PD-1730 is by far the most stunning timepiece crafted by Pagani Design watch to add a sophisticated touch to women’s style. This chronograph is made using top-quality materials with a leather strap bracelet that elevates the wearer's look. The watch dial glass is designed with a sapphire crystal and is powered by a precise and reliable Seiko Japan VK64 movement.


You will be amazed by its eye-catching crystal bezel, giving you a long-lasting luxury look. It offers a range of chronograph functions and a good selection of color strap options. The features and design of the dial are integral elements to the beauty of this watch.